Valentine’s Gifts That Are Sure to Be a Hit

February 10, 2020Notino
If you truly love someone, you know what they like. But just in case you’re running out of ideas, we have a few tips. They include some unique ideas for products you can buy your new flame, or your one and only. Whether you need a Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend, wife, lover, friend, or a good Valentine’s gift for a man – ideally the man of your dreams – we can help!


Fragrances That Go Together...

... stay together, just like you two. These “yin and yang” fragrances were designed to complement each other like a perfect pair of lovers. Worn next to each other, they create a beautiful harmony – worn separately, they show off their individual confidence. So which fragrance couple will be your must-have Valentine’s present?

The Harmony of Luxury

Tiffany & Love is an aromatic, woody Eau de Toilette for men which perfectly answers the question of what to get him for Valentine’s Day, especially if your man enjoys luxury presents. This aftershave boasts the characteristic citrussy accent with cypress and juniper in the heart. One of its key ingredients is blue sequoia – a note this fragrance shares with its female counterpart Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Love. Apart from woody notes, it also contains the aroma of grapefruit and neroli blossom.

A Perfect Synergy

Armani Emporio In Love With You will be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a woman who deserves to be showered with attention. This fragrance smells of cherry, rose, and vanilla, and perfectly complements its masculine partner Armani Emporio Stronger With You Intensely. This pair of lovebirds was introduced last year and instantly captured the hearts of lovers all over the world.

TIP: Love with a Monogram

If you really want the gift to stand out, spark their interest, and inspire strong emotions – in short, if you’re trying to come up with a really unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gift – how about our unique engraving service? What exactly does that entail? It’s simple: Notino will adorn even the simplest perfume bottle of your choice with your initials or a personal message.

Intimate Lighting

What would a Valentine’s date be without the aroma of scented candles? Their soft light underscores the romantic atmosphere and their fragrance will instantly make all of your stress disappear.

The Soothing Power of Flowers

Fill your bathroom or bedroom with the scent of lilac, freesia, and hyacinth thanks to the Bath & Body Works Flower Shop candle with essential oils. The refreshing floral aroma is delicate and subtle, making it a perfect Valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend or your beloved wife.

Magical Aroma

If you’re really serious about your relationship, you can even use a scented candle inspired by Freya, the Norse goddess of fertility: the Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Freya. The candle is organic, comes in an amber glass, contains an aroma of verbena, jasmine, and rose, and uses a wooden wick that burns with a gentle crackling sound, almost like firewood. The candle is equally suitable as a Valentine’s gift for men. In any case, it’s sure to bring you happiness, joy, and the heart of the one you love!

Even More Valentine’s Day Gifts A Passionate Kiss

Are you trying to find something truly amazing and show your partner how special they are to you? Then you should know that all women love a luxury lipstick, they just might not want to get one for themselves. Try buying, for instance, the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture The Slim lipstick – it’s pretty likely to be a hit!

A Bit of Manly Charm

Looking for an unusual Valentine’s gift for a boyfriend or husband who’s sporting some sexy facial hair? You can go for a product that will help him take care of his glorious manly beard. We can recommend, for example, the L’Oréal Paris Barber Club regenerating oil which also moisturises the skin and promotes hair growth.

For Your Love Journey

Finally, how about something extra – maybe a little bonus gift? A nice and unique idea would be the elegant Yankee Candle Charming Scents Love car fragrance charm. That way, you can be with your other half everywhere they go...


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