Want to Strengthen Your Nails? Stop Them from Splitting and Breaking

February 18, 2021Notino

Your nails might have looked flawless in the summer, but then in autumn their condition started to worsen – and now in winter you don’t even want to look at them. If this story sounds familiar, you’re probably trying to find a way to make your nails harder and prevent them from breaking and splitting. Don’t worry – we’ll tell you how to take care of sensitive, dry and split nails in winter, how to file them and which oils and nail varnishes will significantly speed up their regeneration.

What Causes Nails to Break and Split?

Nails are composed of layers of keratin. Healthy nails are supposed to be strong, smooth and hard, which means that if you’re dealing with breakage and splitting, it’s time for a lifestyle overhaul.

What Might Cause Nail Breakage?

  • You’re not getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • You’re not drinking enough liquids, meaning that both you and your nails are dehydrated, especially in winter.
  • You don’t use protective gloves while doing the dishes or tidying.

Dietary Rules that Make Your Brittle Nails Stronger

  • Drink enough liquids even during winter and focus on fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as pineapple, blueberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery etc.
  • Don’t forget that biotin makes both your nails and your hair stronger. Almonds, oats and eggs are some of the foods rich in this substance.
  • Consume enough protein, B vitamins and vitamins A, C and E. You should also increase your intake of magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron.

How to Correctly File Brittle Nails?

Now that you know how to harden your nails from the inside, it’s time to take care of them from the outside with the right grooming routine.

Always hold your nail file perpendicular to the nail to avoid making the nail thinner. Don’t move the file from left to right and back – instead pick one direction and stick to it. When you achieve your desired length, take a nail buffer and smoothen the edges. Never trim your cuticles and never push them back when they’re dry. Instead, apply a special cuticle softener, leave it on for a bit and then carefully push your cuticles back.

Round or Straight Nails?

Expert opinions could not be clearer: Your fingernails should have a slight curve, while your toenails should be cut straight. But how do you prevent unwanted cracks and splits? Forget about nail scissors and use a more appropriate tool instead. Find the best nail file or get the complete Notino Elite Collection Manicure Kit for a perfect manicure and eyebrow styling.

Top Coats That Strengthen Brittle Nails

It’s possible to get a perfect manicure even if your nails are prone to breakage. Simply use the Essie Strong Start with biotin as a hardening base coat, and then NOBEA Day-to-Day as an amazing protective top coat with a brilliant shine.

Regenerate Your Brittle Nails Thoroughly

Want to give your nails an instant boost? You’ll love the fortifying Collistar 3 In 1 Base, Strengthener & Fixer nail varnish that prevents your nails from breaking and splitting. This product will deeply nourish your nails, make them stronger, promote new keratin production and protect them from harmful external factors. It also adds a natural shine and can be used as a top coat.

Harden Your Brittle Nails with Oils

Do you feel like nothing but the “bandage” of fake nails or gel manicure can save your breaking fingernails? Hold on before you cause even more damage and weaken the upper layers of keratin that need strengthening! Instead, treat your nails to the nourishing Essie Apricot Nail & Cuticle Oil.

You can also kill two birds with one stone by getting a strengthening nail varnish with oils – they come in a variety of attractive colours from transparent to timeless red or even pink. Try, for instance, the Collistar Oil Nail Lacquer or the Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture.

Best Regenerating Creams for Hands and Brittle Nails

Strengthening nail varnishes are not the be-all and end-all of stronger nails. Both your nails and your hands need some extra hydration, especially in winter, which is why you should always use a good hand cream.

The CeraVe Repairing restorative hand cream contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides which regenerate the skin barrier. It also features the MVE technology to ensure a gradual release of moisturising ingredients into the skin, leaving your hands and nails hydrated for up to 24 hours. Despite being waterproof, the product doesn’t leave an oily or sticky film on your skin.

If you’re suffering from very dry, cracked skin or atopic eczema on your hands, try the hypoallergenic Bioderma Atoderm hand and nail cream. This product has a creamy texture, gets absorbed quickly and takes care of your hands and nails thanks to a softening, nourishing mix of shea butter and glycerol.

Now you know all our tips for taking care of dry, split and breaking nails in winter – from filing to strengthening and moisturising. But what are your secret tricks? Will you share them with us?

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