WEDDING MUST-HAVES: Get Ready for Your Big Day!

June 4, 2019Notino
If you’re getting married, first of all – congratulations! As a gift, we bring you some beauty products that will survive your happy tears, the wedding feast and even the party without fail! So which products are a must-have for a bride’s SOS makeup bag?


Wedding Makeup That Lasts

Multi-Purpose Setting Spray That Protects and Refreshes

Which one? Artdeco 3-in-1 Make-Up Fixing Spray

Why do you need it? You won’t find a better makeup primer. However, it also has a nice refreshing effect and sets your makeup in place every time you use it, no matter the weather conditions. Your makeup will simply stay on come rain or shine without budging!

Mineral Powder to Prevent Too Much Shine

Which one? Dermacol Compact Mineral

Why do you need it? The fine, purely natural formula blends into the skin beautifully and stays on. It can deal with oily and shiny skin, it evens out your skin tone perfectly, and the handy packaging includes a powder puff and a mirror to let you check your makeup at any point and touch up if you need to.

Multi-Purpose Palette for the Ceremony AND the Afterparty

Which one? Makeup Revolution Maxineczka Beauty Legacy

Why do you need it? When the Polish Youtuber Maxineczka was putting together this palette, she knew exactly what she was doing. You have your eyeshadows, highlighter, blusher, and bronzer all in one place and ready for the wedding – or for the summer. The shades are highly pigmented and suitable for both a subtle and a dramatic look. Perfect for your big day!

Waterproof Mascara for Emotional Moments

Which one? Collistar Mascara Infinito

Why you need it? Everyone might cry a bit during their wedding, and this mascara can handle your happy tears without problem. The natural waxes will give you the volume, length, and separation you need, and the natural shellac will make your lashes shine.

2-in-1 Long-Lasting Lipstick (Not Just) for the First Kiss

Which one? L´Oréal Paris Infallible

Why do you need it? Long-lasting and kiss-proof lipsticks are often drying – but not this one! The lip gloss contains hyaluronic acid to perfectly hydrate your lips and the lipstick stays on for 24 hours while you can reapply the gloss as much as you want. After the wedding, you can even use the lipstick and the (non-sticky) gloss separately!

A Wedding Fragrance that Will Say What You’re Feeling

A Fragrance That Says “I DO”

Which one? Armani Sì Fiori

Why do you need it? It’s completely new, very feminine, very delicate and romantic. It opens with tangerine and blackcurrant, its heart contains rose and neroli, and the base is built on sweet vanilla and white musk. To make it fit into your handbag, use the refillable Travalo atomiser and keep some of your perfume on you at all times!

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