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Six Reasons Why We Love Perfume Miniatures. And Why You Will Too!


Jana Krajco

4-minute read

We’re going to bet you haven’t truly appreciated their magic yet. It’s easy to get lost amongst those huge, bargain bottles. But perfume miniatures are becoming big stars in the fragrance world, and we’ve succumbed to them too. Why?

Time to Think About It

How long does it take you to decide if a perfume is the right one? It usually takes more than one sniff. This is because the smell changes on your body over time and is also affected by external factors such as temperature or humidityPerfume miniatures give us plenty of time to think about whether the full size will actually work for us.

Mini Companions (not just) for Your Handbag

A Budget-Friendly Variant

Let’s not kid ourselves – the biggest-sized perfumes are of course a far better value. But that advantage fades away the moment there’s a half-full bottle of a fragrance you’ve had enough of at home, and you really want a change. What we like about mini perfumes is that we can buy several of them and swap and change them at will. 

A Sniff of Luxury

When we look at the price tags of the best-known perfume brands, we find that they are often too high for us mere mortals. But if you buy a mini version, suddenly it’s much more attainable. So if you want to try the best perfumes in the world but your wallet doesn’t quite agree, treat yourself to the feeling of endless luxury with miniatures. And save them for those truly precious moments. 

Top Perfume Miniatures for Men

Fasten Your Seatbelts

I don’t know about you, but here in the blog editorial team, we deal with this before every holiday – what to do about perfume? I want my favourite summer perfume, but I don’t want to subject that big bottle to an adventurous journey in my checked luggage (not to mention that the temperature fluctuations are no good for the bottle’s contents), and you can’t take it in your hand luggage. There is a solution – a miniature can travel with you directly on board the plane, and you can take advantage of a pleasant refresher as soon as you land. 

The Handbag with Everything

Does your normal day look like this: right after breakfast you jump into a whirlwind of meetings, somewhere in between you squeeze in a quick lunch with a friend, you sweat it out at the gym after work, then pop to a birthday party? For this hectic lifestyle, you need a perfume in your handbag (alongside the lipstick and powder). But since your bag also needs room for a bit of shopping and a water bottle, the mini size is just what you’re looking for. 

Get Even More Out of Miniatures

We’ve saved the best for last – perfume miniatures are often available in sets. So you can try five fragrances at once! Does that sound like every unrepentant perfume lover’s heaven to you too? Not to mention that you can have a different scent to keep you company in your handbag each day. And when one of them clearly stands out above the rest, you know exactly which full-size perfume to get next.

Discover Many Fragrances All at Once

One final tip: perfume miniature sets are also a great gift. It’s easy enough to get it wrong with one perfume, but with five (or more) fragrances, you can’t fail. And if more than one perfume in the gift set suits the recipient’s olfactory taste, you’ll make them happy many times over! 

You’re probably already looking for the (first) miniature for your collection, aren’t you? Enjoy deciding which fragrance to pick!