DAILY ROUTINE: Winter hand care

January 22, 2018Notino
In the last part of our winter Daily Routine series, we focus on the hands and frost. Hand care in winter and nail nutrition cannot be underestimated, especially at this time of year. Your hands need more care, not just because you use them all the time but also because the skin on your hands is thinner and less protected than the rest of your body. Hand on heart now – who honestly wears gloves? How many of you heat up your frozen hands under the hot tap?

Daily care and what to avoid

Step 1: The first and often neglected step is to wash your hands carefully. This removes all the bacteria and prepares them for the subsequent hydration, just as you do with your face. Be careful, though, with the temperature differences you subject your hands to. Having cold hands may not feel pleasant, but trying to warm them up under warm or hot running water is a recipe for disaster. It really dries the skin out and you can easily burn them. If your gloves have not kept your hands warm, wash your hands in lukewarm water and warm them up by massaging them gently with oil or cream.

Step 2: For hydration, you should choose a hand cream to suit the outside conditions and the state of your skin. Freezing? Is the sun out? Cracked skin on your hands? What about your cuticles? Never underestimate the choice of the right cream to address your particular problem. Nowadays there are hundreds of types of hand creams, so we are going to show you a couple below.

Step 3: Once or twice a week, use a hand wrap and use a nail treatment that contains calcium and silicon. Just apply a generous layer of moisturiser and leave your hands to rest for an hour in hand treatment gloves, such as these by Sensai. If you don’t have treatment gloves to hand, try putting your hands in bags and tying them on with a cloth or other piece of material. It isn’t nearly as comfortable, but the effect will be similar.

The best hand cream

Hand cream for cracked hands

We have a great product for your cracked hands. The Eight Hour Cream range by Elizabeth Arden includes a luxury hand cream, their gel cream for dry and cracked hands, which locks in moisture and provides immediate and long-lasting protection and relief for damaged hands. Garnier Repairing Care restoring hand cream also brings a high level of relief to cracked skin. The allantoin contained in the cream has a major regenerative capacity, while glycerine creates a protective layer on your hands, preventing premature skin ageing.

Hand cream for freezing weather

You can also find a great hand lotion in the Clarins range, the moisturising hand lotion Body Specific Care, perhaps the best hand cream for dry cracked hands. Sesame oil soothes and softens the skin and Japanese mulberry extracts form an invisible protective “glove” to protect the hands from bad weather and minimise the signs of ageing.

Hand cream for dry hands

The best hand cream for dry hands with very sensitive skin is a natural moisturising cream with nourishing oil. Weleda Almond sensitive skin hand cream contains nourishing almond oil. This cream has truly pure, natural ingredients with no synthetic preservatives, colourants, fragrances or mineral oils, and is not tested on animals.

Hand cream with UV filters

We have already discussed sunscreens in winter in the article Sunscreens for skiing – myths and facts. Whether in the mountains or in the city, whether the sun is out or it is cloudy, it is a good idea to protect yourself from UV rays. Our favourite product to protect hands with SPF15 is Vichy Hand & Nail, a nourishing hand and nail cream to treat dark spots. It contains ceramides to firm up the nail and nourishing oil, as well as thermal water and antioxidant vitamin C.

Winter nail nutrition

Our hands can be our calling card, so well-manicured nails speak volumes about our health. Alongside vitamins from our diet, we can give our nails vitamins in the form of special creams and varnishes. A classic by Dior is the Creme Abricot nail cream, which strengthens the cuticles and prevents breaking. We recommend using it before going to bed, so that the active ingredients can work for as long as possible.

Use a nourishing varnish on your nails once or twice a week. We like Nail Therapy 8-in-1 Nail Conditioner by Eveline Cosmetics or Sally Hansen Strength, a treatment for problem nails. If you have any other nail care tips or tricks, please share them with us!

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