4 beauty tips for summer from Foreo

July 25, 2019Notino
Our favourite season of the year is here and we are all about the sun, sea, sand, and beautiful, glowing skin. Achieve the smooth, firm, and radiant look in just two minutes a day - we know how. FOREO skincare products will get your skin ready for the summer in no time!


1. How to brighten the skin

Cleansing your face is the number 1 rule of a good skincare routine, irrespective of the season. Summer can be especially hard on your skin with hot temperatures and humidity. This means your skin produces more sweat and oil so cleansing your face twice-daily is a must. From app-driven LUNA 3 to the vacation-friendly LUNA go, or any LUNA in between, go for a FOREO electric facial cleanser that suits your needs and achieve the elusive glow.

2. How to reduce eye circles and skin ageing

Sleepless summer nights won’t show on your face thanks to IRIS eye massager. This silicone anti-age device uses a tapping motion and T-Sonic pulsations to smooth the eye contour, remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, at the same time reducing signs of ageing.

3. How to fight acne

We need things to be quick and efficient - especially during summer, especially when a blemish pops out. ESPADA blue light acne therapy is just the thing you need, pain-free, mess-free and laser-focused to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and facilitate skin renewal with T-Sonic pulsations.

4. How to treat your teeth with a healthy and gentle cleansing

Even though vacation mode is on, you can’t take a break from brushing your teeth. With FOREO ISSA electric toothbrush range, every 2-minute routine will feel like a soothing massage and not a boring chore. Effectively cleansing your teeth, not sacrifying your gums, and coming in all the shades of summer, ISSA will keep you smiling 24/7.

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