Catalytic Lamp: For a Gorgeous Aroma and Cleaner Air

January 17, 2020Notino
We all know that scents can affect your mood, your emotions, even the general vibe of your home. One thing that might really help is a catalytic lamp, which dramatically improves the quality of the air in your home while offering a clean aroma.


What Is a Catalytic Lamp?

The basic principle of a catalytic lamp lies in the so-called flameless combustion and was invented by the French pharmacist Maurice Berger back in 1898. This chemical reaction cleans the air from odours as well as bacteria and other impurities.

How Does a Catalytic Lamp Work?

The lamp consists of a bottle with the aroma essence, a special burner, and a cotton wick. You light the burner for 2 to 3 minutes and then snuff it out. This triggers a catalytic reaction and releases molecules that don’t just cover up the unpleasant air – they clean it and neutralise any unwanted bacteria and odours. The lamp also fills your home with a beautiful aroma so that you can create the right mood by using your preferred essence. To end the whole ritual, you simply put the lid back on the lamp to close it.

Catalytic lamps are amazing at cleaning the air during flu season and creating a pleasant environment for people with allergies. It’s a quick and healthy way to fill your home with fragrance, plus they’re safe and free of unwanted emissions that come with flame. Modern catalytic lamps are often very meticulously designed, which makes them a lovely little piece of art to spruce up your home.

And let’s not forget another benefit of a catalytic lamp – the price is usually really affordable!

Best Catalytic Lamps

Ashleigh & Burwood London products will transport you to the Orient and conjure up images straight from Arabian Nights. The deep purple Dark Side Of The Moon has a nice soothing effect, the Metallic Ore provides an energy boost, and the breathtaking Golden Orb brightens up even the gloomiest day.

When choosing the right fragrance, don’t just think about your olfactory preferences – take into account the mood you want to create. You can, for instance, create a cosy atmosphere with the spicy Ashleigh & Burwood London Lamp Fragrance Moroccan Spice. If you’re looking for a sparkling and refreshing winter scent, the Ashleigh & Burwood London Lamp Fragrance Winter Forest will be a delightful choice.

For Fragrance Enthusiasts

Are you someone who absolutely loves home fragrance and can’t imagine their life without scented candles? Then try these really intoxicating scents!

Fans of warm aromas will love the spicy citrus scent of Paddywax Boheme Pink Pepper & Pomelo which comes in a luxurious vessel. The hand-crafted Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Hag spiritual candle was made from soy wax and comes with a wooden wick that lightly crackles while burning – just close your eyes and listen to the sound of logs in an open fireplace. The product was inspired by Norse mythology and includes instructions for a cleansing meditation ritual. Simply grab a soft fluffy throw blanket and a cup of hot tea to make the experience perfect.


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