Chloé Nomade women’s perfume: a new scent full of adventure

April 9, 2018Notino
The delicate-looking bottle makes you expect romantic contents, but when you breathe it in, you find that this is not just another “delicate floral fragrance”. The new Chloé Nomade has a woody nature, ensuring everyone knows that the wearer is not afraid of a true adventure!


As soon as you breathe it in, you will feel it. It’s almost like a breath of fresh air. The special tingle that intensifies when you close your eyes and submit to the idea that you can start to live exactly the way you want to, right now. In spite of everything and everyone. Without much fuss, but with greater determination. Just like it was in 1945 with Gaby Aghion, the founder of the Chloé brand.

The power of the brand, the power of the woman

At that time, a completely normal Egyptian seamstress decided to go to France and found a fashion brand for women. She rejected the fossilised European post-war fashion, full of inflexible, practical materials, instead bringing in charm, romance, femininity, softness and originality. She presented her first collection in 1956, but only launched the first Chloé perfume in 1975. She always surrounded herself with young talent and experimented. Throughout the existence of Chloé (the name of the founder’s friend) and even now, every item of clothing and every new perfume has retained the essence inserted into it by Gaby Aghion. Femininity and originality, tenderness and determination.

A celebration of courage

Chloé Nomade is therefore quite literally made for a life of freedom and adventure. A French actress with a wild Greek heritage, Ariane Labed, has become the face of the new fragrance. And Chloé Nomade perfectly represents a woman with vivacity, prepared to go beyond new limits at any time, to conquer further challenges or pack her things and go to the other side of the world just like that – because she wants to. Because she already knows exactly what she wants. She pampers her feminine soul, but cannot be convinced to do just anything. She is her own person, independent, free. And she is happy with who she is.

Flowers, fruit and a woody base

I think the Chloé Nomade fragrance is ravishingly put together. Its woody base with oakmoss puts it amongst the cypress fragrances and provides great support for the head with juicy Mirabelle plum, and a fresh heart full of heady freesia, which has it veering back towards the floral scents. Smelling it is like feeling spring and a new strength in the air, like walking through a forest and finding a meadow on the other side. It is just perfect. It is pleasantly surprising. In addition, the bottle is inspired by the shape of the classic Chloé Drew handbag, which has become an icon. Will Chloé Nomade also become an icon? I’ll just have to wait and see – but you should definitely try it for yourself!

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