CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA: Best Disney Gifts for Kids

December 5, 2018Notino
Did you know that Notino really has something for everyone? Partners, parents, friends... and even for kids! We know what the little ones want and we have a ton of ideas for the most amazing Christmas gifts for kids that will bring them a lot of joy this year...


Fashionable and Practical

Kids enjoy a nice gift set just like adults do! For instance, the lovely Hello Kitty gift set will be fantastic for children from 3 years of age up. The delicate Eau de Toilette will make them feel stylish and grown-up while the handy box can be used for storing toys or as a very practical lunch box. This kit will make your life easier, too! 😊

If your kids are more into sports and action, they will love a gift inspired by the Disney movie Cars and its protagonist Lightning McQueen. Once again, the Eau de Toilette is subtle enough for children and the box has many practical uses for play or storage!

Bathing Fun

EP Line Disney Violetta shower gel makes an amazing gift. It’s a great gift for anyone no matter their age or gender. Plus, EP Line products use 95% natural ingredients and they’re free from parabens or sulphates, which means they will take excellent care of sensitive skin and ensure that your bath time doesn’t result in irritation or other problems.

Another great gift idea is a shower gel and bath foam from the Mickey Mouse & Friends collection. Are you a fan of Mickey or Minnie?

Easier Combing and Brushing

If your kids have long hair, brushing or combing might result in some tears from time to time. However, with Tangle Teezer you don’t have to worry – get for instance the Compact Styler Minnie Mouse and tangled hair are a thing of the past. It’s great for detangling even thick and natural hair and your kids won’t shed a single tear!

Keeping It Stylish...

This Disney Frozen lip balm gift set will be a delight for many kids. The beautiful box contains a set of no less than six lip balms, every one lovelier and tastier than the last!

Disney gifts can also teach your kids how to take care of their teeth. For example, their battery-operated Oral B toothbrush can be decorated with characters from Frozen, Cars, or with princesses like Bella and Cinderella. You can even get a matching Disney-themed toothpaste or a set of replacement brush heads. These presents might seem altogether too practical, but they can teach your child to enjoy a routine they might otherwise not like – and that’s a gift for the whole family!

So Merry Disney Christmas to all!

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