Clays or charcoal? Which team will you join?

June 7, 2018Notino
There are only two types of people – those who prefer taking a shower and those who'd rather go for a nice relaxing bath. Those who don't mind squeezing a tube of toothpaste wherever it suits them, and those who always, always squeeze from the end. Whichever one you are, one thing is clear: Garnier will help you find just the right products for your skin type!


Do you struggle with various imperfections such as spots, blackheads or oily skin? Garnier designed two unique skin care products specifically for your needs: Pure 3in1 with clays and eucalyptus and Garnier PureActive 3in1 with active charcoal. They differ in colour, ingredients and the skin problem they target, but their ultimate goal is the same: to give you clear, healthy looking skin without imperfections. They are suitable for both women and men and you can use them in three different ways – as a cleansing gel, exfoliator or a mask.

So now to the important decision. Clays or charcoal? White Pure 3in1 is formulated to eliminate imperfections in your skin, mainly spots. It leaves your skin perfectly clean and prevents it from producing an excess sebum thanks to natural clays. This product for daily skin care is also enriched with eucalyptus extract to soothe your skin.

On the other hand, black Pure Active 3in1 is an immediate solution for blackheads. Its formula contains active charcoal which binds impurities like a magnet and deeply cleanses problematic skin.

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