Korean Skin-Care Routine – 10 Steps to Flawless Beauty

June 29, 2021Notino

Korean beauty products or K-beauty has experienced its first great boom around the world a few years ago when it revealed the secret to Korean women’s glowing skin. Its foundation is an everyday skin-care routine focused on thorough hydration and natural ingredients. Korean skin-care consists of 10 steps in a precise order, but it doesn’t mean your beauty routine has to take a long time. It’s more of an advice on which order of procedures and products to choose if you want to achieve maximum results. So which steps are part of this magnificent 10?

  1. Makeup Removal and Oil Cleansing

Do you perform your skin-care routine at night? Then you need to remove your makeup, ideally with a good oil-based makeup remover. Apply the product directly to your skin or to a cotton pad and use it to dissolve your makeup. It’s important not to rub your skin too much and instead wait a few moments to let your makeup break down.

  1. Cleansing Foam or Gel

We often make the mistake of assuming that an oil-based makeup remover was enough and our skin is now perfectly clean. But the key part of cleansing is just about to start! Take your cleansing gel or, for instance, the Heimish All Clean mousse which thoroughly cleans your face and is well tolerated even by sensitive skin. Apply a bit of mousse to your face, lather up and rinse off.

  1. Exfoliation

If you want to make your skin even clearer and more radiant, you’re also going to need regular exfoliation. An exfoliator will help you remove dead skin cells and blackheads, prevent clogged pores and the formation of acne. To achieve a really visible effect, we recommend using your exfoliator once a week.

The Mizon Apple Smoothie exfoliator contains AHA fruit acids, hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients to provide exfoliation as well as promote hydration.

TIP: If your skin is extremely dry or sensitive, assess if you really need an exfoliator, or ask an expert for advice. Both abrasive and chemical exfoliators are quite invasive and could harm sensitive skin. If you do decide to use an exfoliating product, choose a gentle one that’s suitable for your skin type.

  1. Toning

While we might be used to applying toner as the final step of our routine, Korean women use toners with a different formula and make them the first step in the hydration process. These toners contain moisturising ingredients which enhance the hydrating effects of any further skin care – so if you want something extra for your skin-care routine, look for a toner from one of the Korean beauty brands.

  1. Essence

Essence is the step we in the Western world mostly tend to skip altogether. It’s not our fault – we’re just not used to it. But in Korean skin care, essence is... well, essential. Its purpose is to facilitate the absorption of other skin-care products, thus maximising skin hydration.

  1. Serum

Now we’ve come to the targeted products. What skin problems are you dealing with and which ones are you trying to prevent? Choose the right formula based on how you answer this question – it will most likely be a serum.

If you need even more hydration, the Korika Korean Heritage serum with 8 types of hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient is the right choice for you. Its strong hydrating power also offers a substantial anti-ageing effect.

If you need a product that focuses on wrinkles, try the Korean Heritage anti-ageing serum from the same line. The key ingredient in this case are stem cells obtained from marine algae that penetrate deep into the skin and protect it from UV light. This reduces the loss of collagen as well as the entire process of skin ageing, which is further enhanced by ceramides int he formula.

  1. Sheet Mask

Just like with the serum, your choice of sheet mask depends on your skin type and what effect you want to achieve. And don’t worry – there are enough different Korean masks to choose from and find the right one for you. This also applies if you’re dealing with problematic skin. In that case, try the Korean Heritage cleansing mask by Korika.

  1. Eye Care

There’s no point in waiting for the first fine lines to show up. Taking care of your eye area on a regular basis will make the first crow’s feet appear later rather than sooner. The TONYMOLY Panda's Dream eye serum will help you smooth out fine lines by using bamboo extracts.

Another useful product for your routine is the Korika SciBeauty Korean eye mask which will help you with your under-eye bags and reduce redness.

  1. Moisturiser

A hydrating cream is second to last part of this 10-step Korean skin-care routine. Once again, our goal is to keep as much moisture in the skin for as long as possible. The Holika Holika Good Cera moisturiser provides a really intense hydrating effect thanks to a combination of shea butter, aloe vera and ceramides. It also thoroughly nourishes your skin and makes it softer than ever before!

  1. Sun Protection

If you’re performing your morning routine, you should follow your moisturiser with another step – a cream with an SPF. No matter what the weather’s like, sun rays still reach our skin and we need to protect ourselves from them in order to prevent premature ageing and hyperpigmentation.

Try the Erborian BB Cream which is light, feels lovely on the skin and has an SPF of 20. It’s also a tinted product, so it helps you even out your skin tone while providing hydration and nourishment, just like almost every step of Korean skin care.

FINAL TIP: Want to include even more tricks in your skin care and prevent the formation of wrinkles? Apart from using the right serums and creams, you can also try the KORIKA Tools massage globes. Keep these massage tools in the fridge and then enjoy your nice morning ritual that not only prevents wrinkles but also reduces any puffiness. Another fantastic massage tool is the KORIKA Tools face roller & gua sha for a very effective gua sha massage.

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