KORIKA: the high-tech face masks you want!

April 4, 2018Notino
Cloth masks by KORIKA are a new product you can’t afford to miss!

Have you noticed what beautiful skin Asian women have? Women all over Asia know plenty of beauty rituals, and use quality natural and high-tech products and take care of their skin every day. You too can have a new beauty ritual. A new KORIKA mask could be a part of it, in my experience. Choose from three product ranges, and if you don’t know which to go for, I have tried a couple of them and I know exactly why you’ll like them...

KORIKA NaturBeauty

The masks in this range contain glacial mineral water and pure, natural extracts. The cloth disintegrates easily and washes away after 15-20 minutes. Thanks to its 3D technology, it stays on your face and you can do what you want without it moving. However, you will probably want to relax instead. I loved the Papaya exfoliating cloth mask. It has a pleasant fragrance and soft biocellulose cloth that removes the impurities and greyish skin tone. Great!

When the weather was cold, I also liked the nourishing cloth mask with almond extracts. It was a perfect balm for dry skin, leaving my skin velvety smooth. However, it can be used all year round – especially when you make some time for yourself, because this Korean face mask provides nourishment for a really long time! You can also choose a Soothing mask with passion fruit mask, Moisturising with peach and Brightening with lychee.

KORIKA StarBeauty

StarBeauty is a range of utterly exclusive goodies for your skin. The brightening two-stage mask with 24-carat gold can help with your first expression wrinkles and, what’s more, enlarged pores, and because it can reduce your skin temperature by up to 5 °C, it leaves the skin visibly tighter. It’ll make you happy, just the way it has me!

A revitalising face mask with snail extract may require a little courage. Are you afraid? Don’t be! It brightens your skin so you get used to it quickly – and even those less traditional ingredients. The cleansing face mask with activated charcoal and clay is unsurpassed in the fight against blackheads and excess sebum. Try it once, and you won’t look back – it’ll be the only blackhead-removing mask you’ll ever use.

KORIKA SciBeauty

These masks are the true height of luxury! You can get two face masks: detoxifying and antistress. Both contain hyaluronic acid to deal with dull skin or skin that has issues with oxidative stress. And other things I like from this range are the Regenerating Hand Mask (with bamboo butter), Regenerating Foot Mask (with allantoin and a range of herbs, including my beloved lavender), and the Hydrogel Lip Mask (with collagen).

Seriously, when did you last think about taking care of your whole body? Maybe it’s time to start with KORIKA masks.

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