Notino beauty collections mean you will always have beauty within reach

February 9, 2021Notino
Do you sometimes find people fail to understand your obsession with various beauty tweaks, makeup, or high expectations for such things?

You’re not alone – some people just enjoy beauty and those who don’t will never understand. It makes us even more excited that we have the opportunity to create original products for those of you who don’t settle for less and enjoy the world of beauty as much as we do. What can the Notino collections offer you?

Makeup brushes that last

Notino Wooden Collection

You need decent brushes to get really flawless, beautiful makeup look, whether it’s for yourself or someone else. The Notino Wooden Collection brush set will bring out the best in your beauty products while adding some gorgeous designer pieces to your collection.

The brushes are synthetic but copy the structure of natural bristles – so you can use them for both powder and cream products. The handles are made of walnut wood and are specifically designed to fit into your hand perfectly.

Do you only want to add a couple of new brushes to your collection? No problem! They can all be ordered separately. We definitely recommend trying the Notino powder brush or the foundation brush – thanks to their special shape, firmness and density of the bristles, you’re guaranteed to get great coverage with easy application, and no unwanted smudges.

Notino Master Collection

The Master Collection sets are just as good to work with. You’re really going to love the collection on your trips, thanks to the super-practical Notino travel brush set. This set of six brushes for your face, eyes and brows also works perfectly as an emergency brush set in your handbag that you can pull out at work or while running from your afternoon workout to your evening date.

You’ll no longer have to worry that you left home without a makeup brush in your bag – the set includes a stylish pouch which will also include a couple of your beauty must-haves. So if you don’t like carrying a lot of things around with you and you want a more organised bag, try the Master Collection multifunction brush.

The Master Collection also works if you’re not used to applying makeup with a brush. Just wet your Notino foundation sponge and apply the product by dabbing it on gently.

OUR TIP: Get a brighter look even before your foundation touches your skin. The Notino Luxe Collection satin night mask will help you get a great night’s sleep while taking care of your eye area. You can actually put cooled gel pads in the mask. Trust us, soon you won’t even remember what puffy eyes are!

Elegant beauty accessories

A luxury accessory does not have to be a designer handbag, not in the beauty world especially, though you wouldn’t be far off the mark with a handbag. Who wouldn’t want to store their precious makeup in a stylish and practical way?

The Notino Elite Collection Small Pouch is really functional but you won’t be ashamed to take it out in public; in fact it’ll be just the opposite. You can store all your beauty essentials inside this fashion accessory.

If you want to have not just makeup accessories at hand but also a variety of cards and more, opt for the Notino Classy Collection travel pouch. It includes a separate detachable wallet for your cards and change, and the quality zips make sure that nothing will fall out.

Immediate stylish rescue

We went for the timeless colour trends with the Notino Luxe Collection, such as black and rose gold, and again focused on practicality. Add the handy Luxe Collection mirror to your collection; it will save you any time you need to check or fix your makeup.

You’ll also love the Glamour Collection blotting papers. If you have oily skin or T-zone problems, it’s well worth having these with you.

Whenever, wherever, you can fix your nails with the Notino Joy Collection manicure set in a practical, durable case. Say goodbye to snagged nails that you have to keep an eye on all day.

So, have you decided which pieces you’re going to have on your dressing table or in your handbag?

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