The best sonic toothbrushes: We chose the TOP FIVE!

August 12, 2020Notino
Let’s be honest, brushing your teeth is tedious. But is there anything you can do about it? Try a sonic toothbrush – see for yourself that brushing your teeth with one is a completely different experience. Smiling will be much more enjoyable – and you’ll absolutely love that feeling of super clean teeth!


A sonic toothbrush works for you

As children, we’d go to the dentist for checkups, and they’d teach us how to clean our teeth and use the toothbrush properly. Up and down, for ever and ever. But nobody’s patient; some of us press the brush down too hard, some of us move it hurriedly from side to side – there are some of the mistakes we make that stop us from achieving that perfect smile. However, when you get a sonic toothbrush, you won’t need to stick to a rigorous technique anymore.

“Sonic” means that the bristles vibrate rapidly – and it’s this movement of the bristles that removes both plaque and bacteria effectively from the teeth and gums. The vibrations have an extremely high number of strokes per minute (up to 31,000 movements), which you’ll never get with a manual toothbrush. It’s also suitable for people who wear braces. Another advantage is the timer, with the brush itself telling you how long the program should last.

How to choose a sonic toothbrush

Simply put, the higher the number of oscillations per minute, the better. If you have sensitive gums, get a brush with a special setting for this issue. You can also choose from other popular programs to make your life easier – removing dark stains from your teeth, increasing shine, gum massage or deep cleaning, which is perfect in the evening.

You will, of course, need the best toothpaste to go with it. Is tooth whitening the most important thing for you? Try the professional standard of Mediblanc Whitening. And Mediblanc Healthy Gums will look after your gums.

Geek tip: some high-tech sonic toothbrushes allow you to pair them with your smartphone and keep a check on the cleanliness of every tooth.

Sonic toothbrush reviews: an invaluable aid

To find your perfect sonic toothbrush, you can read some reviews. This is why we add a couple of those to our selection of the very best toothbrushes is expanding – and you can find more directly at Notino.

The Philips Sonicare EasyClean HX6511/50 is a clear choice if you’re just switching from a regular toothbrush to a sonic one. New and unfamiliar movement of the bristles might tickle unpleasantly first several times you brush your teeth with it. The Philips sonic toothbrush gradually increases the intensity of the vibrations for the first two weeks so that you can get used to it.

“The price/performance ratio is above average. I recommend it; it cleans your teeth really well.” Philip

“I’m satisfied with the performance of this toothbrush. I’d like it if it was shorter and lighter. I don’t like that it only includes one brush.” Rachel

The Oral B Pulsonic Slim One 2200 White is designed for whitening. Its compact size and the travel case make it perfect for those who need to be able to pack their toothbrush easily and go on holiday. Your smile will look brighter in just two weeks.

“I received it as a gift, and I have to say I’m never going to brush my teeth with anything else. The results are perfect. My teeth are beautifully smooth and impeccably clean. I am completely satisfied with this toothbrush.” Alice

Oral B is a star amongst dental care brands. The Oral B Pulsonic Slim Luxe 4200 Platinum has a slim body and comes with a practical travel case. Along with cleaning and whitening, it also offers a “delicate” setting for sensitive gums and teeth.

“My teeth feel so fantastically clean, better than with a regular toothbrush. It has three levels of cleaning, though I’d be happy with just one :) The docking station acts as a stand, gradually charging the brush without overcharging it. I think it’s great and I recommend it to everyone.” Michael

The Foreo Issa 2 is a silicon sonic toothbrush from a brand renowned for its unique skincare products. Their “flight” into the dental care market has been yet another success. The bristles are antibacterial, and it has unrivalled battery life – one charge can last for a whole 365 days. You can choose from a variety of colours, and you’re going to love the pink and turquoise versions!

“It’s a brilliant toothbrush. It’s so pleasant on the gums, while leaving your teeth clean and smooth. I actually look forward to brushing my teeth now :). I also love the beautiful design and a comfortable grip.” Andrea

For children

Philips Sonicare For Kids 3+ HX6322/04 is a sonic toothbrush for children aged 3+, and helps them to associate cleaning their teeth with fun. The playful app inspires them to brush their teeth for longer and more thoroughly. It also has a special timer and gradually increases the length of time spent brushing the teeth, thus making learning more fun.

“Finally, our youngest son brushes his teeth without making excuses and without us telling him to do so; it was also the reason we got it and our last hope.” Paula

“It’s easy to use, a fun app that teaches kids to clean their teeth properly. Our little one loves it.” Jan

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