Want a perfect healthy tan? You need Eisenberg Sublime Tan!

May 3, 2018Notino
Summer. Holidays. The air is aquiver with the heat. Your velvety smooth skin glistens with a bronze hue and you are embracing the sun full-on. All you need is someone on guard to make sure you don’t get hurt.

All you need is Sublime Tan by Eisenberg! The new range of tanning products with anti-ageing and the patented Trio-Molecular® Formula!

If you’re at all familiar with Eisenberg, you know it’s worth your while. It is no different with their tanning products. They are not just any tanning products. They are refined, thoughtful and designed for us, for demanding women.

High-tech sunbathing

They protect you against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, of course, but they also let you achieve that perfect golden-bronze skin tone that you dream of. On top of that, they make sure your skin doesn’t end up dehydrated or aged. This is all thanks to the miraculous Trio-Molecular® Formula, which continuously regenerates, energises and oxygenates your skin while you sunbathe.

The best ingredients

Since it’s Eisenberg, it really is giving you the best in each of its sunscreens. High-tech wonders combine with a totally new generation of UVA and UVB sun filters and fantastic natural ingredients. Eisenberg Sublime Tan contains extract of Edelweiss. It is used to withstanding extreme conditions, which means it will also help your skin. It is also rare and known as a source of important antioxidants (which, as I’m sure you know, prevent skin from ageing). These are flavonoids, which fight the free radicals that occur when you sunbathe.

Rigorously tested Eisenberg

Sublime Tan products are that good that they have received top reviews in Japan, which, when it comes to sun protection, has strict demands. Eisenberg has been given the PA+++ rating! In its “sun protection” it also has other benefits: it contains no parabens, is easy to apply, the skin is not sticky and it smells great (it is Eisenberg, after all!). It truly combines everything a demanding woman can wish for from the perfect tanning product. Which product are we talking about?

¦ Eisenberg Sublime Tan Cream is suitable for the beach and swimming outdoors – but at SPF 30 it also guarantees that your tan will be good but healthy. You can rely completely on the Trio-Molecular® Formula.

¦ Eisenberg Sublime Tan Oil can be used on the face and body. At SPF 6, it will protect you during the day from milder sun and in the evening it’s good for letting your skin shine at a summer party.

¦ Eisenberg Sublime TanAfter Sun” is what you need once you have finished sunbathing. It helps fix the colour of your skin and keeps it hydrated.

So which one are you going to keep in your beach bag?

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