Who is Hugo and why he’s Boss

December 21, 2017Notino
The original uniform factory which was founded by Hugo Boss after World War I began to transform itself into a fashion label in the true sense of the word only after 1945.

This was under the leadership of Eugen Holy, the son-in-law of Hugo Boss. This was when the brand began to produce high-quality suits. The art of sewing quality clothing for men improved generation after generation, and in 1977 the brand was awarded an international trademark, becoming an international fashion leader. Hugo Boss is still based in Metzingen, near Stuttgart, and collaborates with top athletes such as tennis players, golfers and even Formula 1 drivers with its Boss Green range.

The most beautiful scent by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss introduced their first fragrance, “Boss Number One for men”, in 1985. Since that time, they have created a portfolio of over 83 fragrances for men and women, such as “Hugo Woman”, “Boss Femme”, “Boss Nuit”, “Hugo Energise”, “Boss Orange”, “Hugo the Collection”, “Boss Jour”, “Boss in Motion”, “Hugo XX and XY”, and many more.

Timeless fragrances such as “Boss Bottled” in particular are interpreted through campaigns with strong, successful and gallant men such as Gerard Butler, Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Reynolds, a message to today’s men. The “Boss Bottled” ambassadors mainly speak about how deeds are more important than words. How a hero today always keeps his word and his mission is honesty and integrity, because success without integrity means nothing. They also talk about how wealth is not what makes a man better. It is about how he treats those around him when it is not a matter of profit. The brand appeals to the idea that we live through the things we achieve but we fill our lives with what we give in return.

Another important thing for the “Boss Bottled” campaign is to want more and achieve that with diligence and single-mindedness every day. To put it simply, a hero of today. It is exactly what Hugo Boss adheres to in its essence. It is not only that they sew quality suits with a sense of detail. Or that their ads have strong, successful men in perfect suits. Icons, heroes, lovers. It is mainly an important message for the world: the goal is not to aim for success but to be a success in oneself. It was with this idea that the beautiful fragrance “Boss Bottled” was born; as a result of its popularity, it comes in several versions.

“Boss Bottled” has been popular as an elegant men’s fragrance since it was launched back in 1998. The head has essences of plum, apple, citrus and fresh bergamot. Extracts of warm cloves, cinnamon and carnation add sex appeal. Cedar and sandalwood, in combination with vanilla, vetiver and unconventional olive tree, form a strong base for the fragrance, which is truly impressive in its longevity. We could not expect anything less than perfect, high-quality workmanship from Hugo Boss. The fragrance perfectly underscores the unique personality of every man.

The story of “The Scent” is a little spicier. They abandon campaigns with fitted suits and strong principles, as we see in the ads for “Boss Bottled”, and instead reveal what is hidden beneath the surface. It captures a couple in a luxury home environment with their desire and intimacy. With “The Scent” Intense eau de parfum, Hugo Boss builds on the fact that smell is one of the most sensual perceptions. And that words are often unnecessary to impress someone.

So “The Scent Intense for Him” is an ideal composition for a sensual and stylish man. Style is about who we are and how we express ourselves. Fragrance is like a beautiful crown to unify the overall impression. Fragrances like “The Scent” can deliver sex appeal, strength and courage. A warm combination of cardamom and slightly sharp ginger opens into rare Maninka and lavender. The composition of the scent is anchored in a sensual cocktail of leather, wood and sweet vanilla.

The aftershave is beautifully complemented by the perfume for women “The Scent Intense for Her”. This seductive, floral, fruity fragrance is enclosed in a magnificent rose gold bottle. It has a simple composition of freesia, peach, cocoa and osmanthus and smells truly delicate.

Hugo Boss fragrances encourage men to know who they really are and be determined to show the world around them. Perhaps men today really do need this indestructible, tenacious support from one of the most iconic brands in the world. And that is what makes Hugo the true Boss for us.

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