School of beauty presents - The Dot Eyeliner trend

December 1, 2017Notino
Point out your inner diva with this new make-up trend: Dotted eyeliner.

Stay on point!

This beauty trend has been recently seen on catwalks of fashion gurus such as Valentino, Fendi or Gucci. It combines the tribal look and dramatic eyes trend of this season. How to achieve this look? Get creative! There are no limits, no rules. Make your own bold statement.

Get your face ready with a primer to unify your skin tone. We love L'ORÉAL PARIS Lumi Magique Lightening Underlying Base Under Make-up. Don’t forget to also prime your lashes and brows with Mascara Clear Lash for conditioning and better fixation.

For the eye base, use neutral or gold matte eye shadow. Keep it simple. ARTDECO Most Wanted palette has you covered for all shades that are trendy this fall. Start with the lightest shade in the inner corner of your eyelid and work your way to the darkest shade on the outer corner. This way you will optically deepen your gaze. For this look it is a good idea to keep the lipstick in the same shade as your eye shadow not to not draw too much attention to your lips and rob your eyes of all the thunder 😊. Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Nude can provide a long-lasting coverage.

Voilà! And now, when you created a natural look base, it is the time to get creative and apply a dot, or two (or three 😊). For the best result, try L'ORÉAL PARIS Super Liner Blackbuster eye liner. It is up to you where exactly you want to rock your dots. Try one dot in the middle of both bottom and upper eyelid.

To finish this look, it is desirable to use the right mascara to separate and enhance your lashes. Separated, bold lashes are the high-end trend for this season, plus, it will give your every lash the chance to shine! We recommend the BOURJOIS Volume Glamour Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara.

And now you are all set to turn some heads. Don’t smudge and set your artwork properly with a fixation spray, such as Artdeco Fixing Spray. This way you make sure that from two dots won’t become four ??.

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