Waterproof Makeup: How Not to Melt in the Summer Heat!

June 26, 2020Notino
Waterproof makeup can handle sweat as well as summer holidays and sporting activities. The reliable formulas of these products simply do not melt in hot weather. If you’re meticulous about your makeup, long-lasting products are a fantastic choice!


Perfect Coverage and Sun Protection in One

If your skin usually develops a nice tan in the summer, you only need a light BB or CC cream or breathable mineral and powder makeup. However, if you’re going for a swim or you tend to sweat a lot, it’s better to choose a waterproof foundation that can resist heat – such as the liquid Collistar Perfect Wear Foundation. This product will perfectly unify your skin tone and offer basic sun protection without rubbing off.

Our tip: If you need to cover age spots or blemishes, we recommend using the waterproof Revolution PRO Ultimate Coverage Crease Proof Concealer with hyaluronic acid. Its light texture will give you perfect coverage without accentuating your wrinkles.

Don’t Be Afraid of Powder

The flakiness that sometimes occurs after using powder is not necessary a result of dry skin in the summer. It can be simply caused by the fact you’ve applied the powder to wet skin. During the summer months, use a waterproof powder such as the Maybelline SuperStay 24H Long-Lasting powder which perfectly mattifies your skin and stays in place even if you sweat.

Waterproof Mascara Is Essential

You don’t need to put on a full eye makeup to avoid the feeling of “naked” eyelids. Natural look is perfect for summer, so you can get away with just using a good mascara. The waterproof mascara Lancôme Hypnôse Waterproof will make sure that you don’t get smudges under your eyes, and its unique SoftSculpt™ ingredient will give your lashes a stunning curl and protection.

Our tip: Did you know that when you remove waterproof mascara incorrectly, your lashes might start falling out? Long-lasting products are harder to remove, which is why you should start by placing the cotton pad with the makeup remover on your eyelids and leave it on for a while, then wipe the makeup off in a gentle motion going downwards and in. Going in the opposite direction stretches your skin unnecessarily and makes your crow’s feet more prominent.

The Look of a Goddess

Do you normally like a more dramatic look, but are a bit hesitant about it in the summer? Then try a waterproof eyeliner. A liquid eyeliner can create the thinnest, most elegant line even on a hot day. But be careful – every mistake will show! Trust the L’Oréal Paris Superliner Matte Signature waterproof eyeliner with a brush that doesn’t splay and will help you draw a thin, even with a single stroke.

You can get a waterproof eyeliner whose texture prevents transfer and smudging. For instance Bourjois Contour Clubbing eye pencil comes in several playful colours. So why not play around with blue waterproof makeup and look like a mermaid?

Our tip: If your eyebrows go lighter in the summer, your features might stand out less than usual. This can be easily fixed with the Catrice Slim'Matic waterproof eyebrow pencil which stands up to both water and sweat. Its narrow tip will help you outline your brows as well as draw individual hairs to make your eyebrows look naturally filled-in.

Summer Kisses

While some may prefer to wear a lip gloss or a special SPF lip balm in the summer, many still enjoy a nice and intense lipstick. However, the heat might cause your lipstick to bleed and melt pretty quickly. This can be prevented with precise contouring and the long-lasting Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink waterproof lipstick with matte finish which gives your lips a truly striking colour for 16 hours!

Thanks to water-resistant makeup, you can enjoy any summer activity without fear that your look might get ruined. But keep in mind that waterproof makeup often uses polymers, silicones and synthetic waxes to achieve the desired water-resistant effect. While these products offer great coverage and they are waterproof, using them for extended periods of time could clog your pores and prevent nutrients from entering the skin. This is why it’s better to avoid using waterproof makeup all year round.

Author: Notino

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