is now Notino

Over the years we have branched into 19 different countries and it’s time we got a shared family name. That’s why we’ve decided to come up with a word that can be used anywhere in the world. As from November 2016, Beautyspin has changed its name to Notino.

Beautyspin Is Now Notino

Our business is blossoming more than ever. The times when we only sold fragrances in one country are long gone. Our goal is to make you feel more beautiful every day, which is why we keep adding new fragrances and beauty products to our stock. You can currently pick from more than 33,000 products designed to enhance your beauty.

Our name and logo are not the only things that have changed.
We also have:

- a new web address /
- a new e-mail address /

So what hasn't changed then?
- our philosophy and our approach to customers
- our vast selection of products, our low prices, delivery options, and terms and conditions
- your account and settings, your order history and login information
- our websites and social media accounts
- our management, our staff, our headquarters, and our business partners

All your Beautyspin coupons, discounts, and gift vouchers can still be used for shopping at Notino

Come start this new exciting chapter with us.

Read Notino's CEO welcome letter, click here.

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