beBIOChia Seeds & Japanese Cherry Blossom Moisturizing Shower Gel

beBIO Chia Seeds & Japanese Cherry Blossom Moisturizing Shower Gel
beBIO Chia Seeds & Japanese Cherry Blossom Moisturizing Shower Gel
1000 ml

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Thursday 09/12/2021
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Thursday 09/12/2021

Pure joy for your skin as well as your senses. The beBIO Chia & Japanese Cherry Blossom hydrating shower gel leaves behind a fruity gourmand fragrance, removes all impurities and provides intense nourishment and hydration to your skin. Its nourishing natural extracts and neutral pH make it very gentle, so it won’t cause dryness or irritation. All you’ll experience will be a feeling of freshness and velvety smooth, soft skin.


  • gently washes the skin of your body, carefully removes impurities
  • hydrates and nourishes, provides minerals and vitamins
  • restores and maintains natural balance of the skin, has a neutral pH
  • leaves skin soft, smooth and refreshed
  • soothes and regenerates, promotes the correct function of your skin
  • protects from damage caused by free radicals
  • leaves behind a sweet, fruity gourmand fragrance


  • complex of gentle cleansing agents – obtained from coconut oil and rapeseed, gently washes the skin, removes all impurities
  • chia seed extract – works as an antioxidant, protects from harmful free radicals
  • cherry blossom extract – hydrates, softens and generally improves your skin’s condition
  • aloe vera juice – moisturises, soothes irritation, regenerates, helps restore and maintain the natural balance of your skin
  • sea salt – rich in minerals, nourishes and promotes natural functions of your skin
  • 99.4% natural ingredients

How to apply:
Apply the hydrating beBIO Chia & Japanese Cherry Blossom in the shower or bath to wet skin of your body. Use a sufficient amount of product to massage your skin and create delicate lather, then rinse it off with water. Do not store the shower gel at temperatures below 5 °C or above 25 °C as the highly natural formula might deteriorate.


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