Bellissima Hair Dryer DF1 1000Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

Bellissima Hair Dryer DF1 1000 Hair Dryer for Curly Hair
Bellissima Hair Dryer DF1 1000 Hair Dryer for Curly Hair
DF1 1000

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Product description Bellissima Hair Dryer DF1 1000

An attractive hairstyle quickly and easily. The Bellissima Hair Dryer DF1 1000 is specially designed for styling and enhancement of beautiful wavy and curly hair. The special perforated grid distributes air evenly and twelve long “fingers” keep the hair strands in place. The hairdryer allows you to dry your hair while maintaining and enhancing the shape and elasticity of your curls.

Thanks to an ergonomic handle, the hairdryer is easy to hold, making the process extremely comfortable. The rear grid of the hairdryer has been specially designed to prevent unwanted hair tangling. This allows you to dry your hair comfortably whilst leaning forward with your head down.


  • dries hair gently
  • enhances the shape and elasticity of curls
  • creates soft and defined waves
  • prevents hair from getting tangled in the device
  • allows you to dry your hair whilst leaning forward
  • eliminates unwanted frizz
  • comfortable to hold
  • suitable for long, medium and short hair

Technical specifications:

  • Dry Care system – ensures the optimal combination of air flow
    and temperature for delicate hair drying
  • two levels of air flow and temperature depending on the length of your hair
  • power of 700 Watts
  • 2.2-m-long cord

How to use:
first, dry your wet, washed hair gently with a towel and comb it through. Choose the temperature and level of air flow according to the length of your hair. Lean forward with your head down and place a thicker strand of hair into the diffuser. Start with the ends and slowly move the diffuser closer to your scalp. Hold the device in this position for several seconds before repeating the whole process with the remaining strands of hair. Continue all over your head.

User's guide can be found HERE


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