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Bio-Oil Skin Care Oil nourishing oil for body and face
Bio-Oil Skin Care Oil nourishing oil for body and face
Complexion typesensitive, dry
Skin typesensitive, dry
Type of oilother herbal oils
EffectsHydration, Calming, Brightening, Lifting, Regeneration, Nourishing, Anti Age Spots, Unifying
Sun Protectionwithout SPF
When to useday, night, day and night

Unsightly scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone are a thing of the past. The nourishing Bio-Oil was specially designed to improve the appearance of your skin. It contains a combination of plant extracts and vitamins which leave your skin soft and smooth without an oily feeling. Its preventive effects against stretch marks have made it an indispensable product for expecting mothers.


  • helps improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • prevents stretch marks, for instance during pregnancy
  • light and non-greasy oil, absorbs easily
  • leaves your skin soft and smooth
  • promotes smoothness and hydration
  • evens out skin tone


  • PurCellin Oil™ – ensures the absorption of vitamins and nutrients
  • mix of plant oils – from calendula, lavender, rosemary and chamomile
  • vitamins A and E

How to apply:
→ To improve the look of scars: massage the oil into the area twice a day using circular motions, repeat for at least 3 months
→ To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy: start applying after the beginning of second trimester to areas prone to stretch marks, such as hips, stomach, breasts, buttocks and thighs
→ To even out skin tone: apply twice a day to specific areas for at least 3 months

Bio-OilSkin Care Oil nourishing oil for body and face

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