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Bioderma Atoderm Préventive nourishing body cream to treat children’s dry skin
Bioderma Atoderm Préventive nourishing body cream to treat children’s dry skin
Complexion typesensitive, dry, atopic dermatitis
Skin typesensitive, dry, atopic dermatitis
EffectsHydration, Nourishing
Does not containwithout comedogenic ingredients

Take care of your or your child’s skin with clinically proven effects. The Bioderma Atoderm Préventive nourishing body cream is designed for very dry and atopic skin. What’s more, it’s suitable for children from birth. It strengthens and protects your skin effectively and nourishes it intensively. It guards against further dryness and can be used on the face and whole body.


  • strengthens, nourishes and protects your skin
  • suitable for children from birth
  • suitable for sensitive, dry and atopic skin
  • eliminates the process of deepening skin dryness
  • suitable for the body and face
  • a gentle texture which is quickly absorbed
  • a highly sensitive, subtle fragrance
  • manufactured with sustainability in mind

Results of testing:

  •  64% experienced less dry skin after 29 days of use
    → a clinical study with 23 children between the ages of six months and 15 years with very dry skin
  • 36% had more hydrated skin 
    → after 28 days of use 


  • Skin Barrier TherapyTM patent – ensures the balance of the important, naturally occurring bacteria of the skin’s surface
  • Lipigenium™ technology – restores the skin barrier which is based on lipid and protein function, something which is lacking in atopic skin
  • Patented D.A.F.™ complex – raises your skin’s tolerance threshold

How to apply:
Use the Bioderma cream on clean, dry skin once or twice a day. Massage gently until absorbed.

BiodermaAtoderm Préventive nourishing body cream to treat children’s dry skin

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