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Bione Cosmetics Kids vaseline to treat nappy rash
Bione Cosmetics Kids vaseline to treat nappy rash
Skin typeall skin types
EffectsHydration, Regeneration

Friction, humidity and lack of fresh air all contribute to the occurrence of nappy rash. This is why intertrigo often occurs under the nappy, where skin usually remains covered. Bione Cosmetics Kids absorbs any excessive moisture that has not been aired away, ensuring that your child’s skin is not irritated, reddened, or itchy. Besides preventing intertrigo by absorbing moisture, it also creates a protective layer on your child’s skin, soothes it, and speeds up its regeneration.


  • prevents nappy rash
  • regenerates previous nappy rash sores
  • forms a gentle, non-irritating protective film on the skin
  • makes skin feel comfortable

How to use:
Apply as needed in a thin layer to washed and dried skin, ideally after nappy changing.

Bione CosmeticsKids vaseline to treat nappy rash

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