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BioNike Color Perfect Liner eyeliner
BioNike Color Perfect Liner eyeliner

Experience the ease and precision of this liquid gel eyeliner, featuring a rigid felt applicator that effortlessly glides on, ensuring flawless lines even for less experienced users. BioNike Color Perfect Liner with quick-drying formula adheres without smudging, providing a long-lasting glossy finish to enhance your eye makeup look.


  • liquid gel eyeliner for ease and precision
  • rigid felt applicator for effortless application
  • quick-drying formula prevents smudging
  • with a long-lasting glossy finish
  • suitable for less experienced users


  • pigments (black iron oxide and carbon black) – create a highly pigmented formula
  • film-forming polymer – vegetable origin (from pea starch) provides adhesion and long-lasting results

How to apply:
Using the brush tip, create a precise thin line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge, following the eye's natural shape. Gradually thicken the stroke towards the outer corner to achieve a bolder, more dramatic look.

Notino tip:
Remember to shake the bottle before use for optimal application.

BioNikeColor Perfect Liner eyeliner

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