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Biotherm Homme Energizing Shower Gel

  • Biotherm Homme Energizing Shower Gel

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    • Biotherm Homme Energizing Shower Gel 200 mlEnergizing Shower Gel 

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    Description of the product Biotherm Homme



    Cosmetic quality




    All Skin Types


    Biotherm Homme Shower Gel For Men energizes the skin and thoroughly cleanses hair. The luxury shower gel is rich in minerals and hydrating ingredients which provide optimal hydration and nourishment for young and fresh look. The gentle formula revitalizes and renews the skin, making it softer and smoother to touch after regular use. The cleansing ingredients of the gel are also suitable for the hair strand which they gently wash, strengthen and leave firm and flexible. Biotherm Homme Shower Gel also makes you instantly refreshed and awakes your body and soul for the whole day. The texture of the gel is soft and suitable for everyday use.


    • cleanses thoroughly

    • hydrates

    • nourishes

    • soothes

    • revitalizes and renews the skin

    • refreshes

    • does not dry the skin


    • mineral complex – nourishes and cares for the skin and for the scalp

    Skin type:

    Perfect for all skin types.

    How to use:

    Gently work into a lather and massage into the skin. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid eye contact.

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