Braun Series 3 32B CombiPack


Braun Series 3  32B CombiPack Blade
Braun Series 3  32B CombiPack Blade
Braun Series 3  32B CombiPack Blade

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Tuesday, 11/20/2018
Braun Series 3 32B CombiPack
Blade | £28.90

Product description Braun Series 3 32B CombiPack

The Braun Series 3 32B CombiPack replacement blades ensure the same smooth shave as with a new shaver.


  • ensures the smoothest of shaves
  • easy to change

How to use:
Follow the instructions included.

About the brand Braun

Braun, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, was founded in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1921 by Max Braun. Braun’s focus from the start was on making people’s lives easier and more pleasant.  
They began by manufacturing radios and were the first manufacturer of the combined radio and gramophone. The now famous Braun logo, which is still in use today, was created in the 1930s. In 1940, Braun patented their first prototype for a men’s electric shaver. In 1950, after the war, serial production of the shavers began. This laid the foundations for Braun’s current core range.
The basic motto of Braun became ‘performance, design and innovation’. In 1956, collaboration with the Ulm School of Design began, and shortly after, the Museum of Modern Art in New York began exhibiting Braun products. In 1964, a new Design Gallery was opened. Since then, Braun has won more than 100 awards for design.
Braun is a leader in technical innovation in all of its core categories and has over 7000 active patents. The main trends currently are quality, reliability, design, and innovation. The core range mainly comprises personal care products. These include men’s electric shavers, women’s electric shavers, epilators, and hair care products.