Brazil KeratinIron Repair Ultrasonic Straightener for the Treatment of Damaged Hair

Brazil Keratin Iron Repair Ultrasonic Straightener for the Treatment of Damaged Hair
Brazil Keratin Iron Repair Ultrasonic Straightener for the Treatment of Damaged Hair
Ultrasonic Straightener for the Treatment of Damaged Hair
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Thursday 23/09/2021
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Thursday 23/09/2021

Description Brazil Keratin Iron Repair

Fed up with split ends, damaged and frizzy hair? Say good bye to these problems once and for all. The Brazil Keratin Iron Repair ultrasonic straighteners transform your hair into a silky veil and take good care of them in the process.

The Brazil Keratin Iron Repair cold straighteners are designed for hair with damaged texture. Along with other suitable products, it closes the outer structure if the hair shaft, thus keeping your hair protected, healthy, and glossy. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, this device is ideal for use with keratin as well as hair dye and nourishing hair treatments.


  • cold technology for use with repairing products
  • ensures more than 60% better absorption of keratin, treatments, and hair dye
  • speeds up the restoration of damaged hair and gives them back their elasticity
  • smooths down hair scales, softens hair and leaves it glossy
  • nourishes and rejuvenates hair strands from the inside, brightens the colour
  • effectively prevents breakage, damage, and hair loss

Technical specifications:

  • ultrasound frequency: 28,500× per second
  • infrared wavelength: 690nm
  • power 25-45W
  • voltage 220V

How to use:
Apply the selected type of hair care product to washed and towel-dried hair that’s been treated with hair dye, keratin, or a nourishing treatment. (Use Brazil Keratin products for best results.)
Brush your hair thoroughly, divide it into sections and straighten each section 3 to 5 times with the ultrasonic straighteners. Then leave the product on for 10 more minutes and proceed according to instructions (with or without rinsing). Finally, dry your hair with a hair dryer or style it in other usual way.

Detailed instructions

User's guide can be found HERE

Important warnings

Read directions for use carefully.
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About the brand Brazil Keratin

Brazil Keratin cosmetics | Brazil Keratin is a luxury hair care brand that is exceptional for the high percentage of keratin in all its products. Brazil Keratin uses the extraordinary restorative and nourishing properties of Brazilian keratin, which is also unique for the large amount of nutrients and vitamins it contains. Brazil Keratin products restore the health, softness, shine, and strength of your hair. Their use can help you solve problems with both damaged hair and a sensitive scalp.  
Brazil Keratin has a wide range of exclusive products which are unique not only for their high keratin content but also other original ingredients such as chocolate, gold, and argan oil. Brazil Keratin is exclusive hair care that is perfect for both home and professional use.

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