BrushArt Hair Rings ColourHair Elastics

BrushArt Hair Rings Colour Hair Elastics
BrushArt Hair Rings Colour Hair Elastics
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  • BrushArt Hair Rings Colour Hair Elastics
  • BrushArt Hair Rings Colour Hair Elastics 4 pcs
  • BrushArt Hair Rings Colour Hair Elastics
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Product description BrushArt Hair Rings Colour


 BrushArt Hair Rings are a practical tool for styling all types of hair. The spiral shape of the ring means no joins and a design that is truly gentle on your hair. There are no tears, breaks or snags when you use it. When you are putting it on or taking it off, the smooth surface of the bobble doesn’t pull. BrushArt Hair Rings spiral bobbles are a great accessory to style your hair for work, school, leisure or going out. They grip your hair firmly without leaving any marks or damaging your hair. Buy BrushArt bobbles in a variety of colours and you will have your hair tied back quickly, gently and stylishly!


a spiral shape with a smooth surface

very gentle on your hair

do not catch, break or snag your hair

keep your ponytail firmly in place  

About the brand BrushArt

BrushArt cosmetic brushes | BrushArt, as the name suggests, transforms everyday makeup into art. These brushes have been specially developed to allow perfect makeup application for your face, eyes, and lips. Flawless makeup requires precision, which is something that BrushArt brushes achieve using quality materials.  
BrushArt consists of a comprehensive line of cosmetic brushes for any type of makeup. The BrushArt Eye collection focuses on brushes for the eyes and eyebrows, BrushArt Face has brushes for applying blusher, powders, and makeup, and BrushArt Lip is for applying lipstick and lip gloss.  

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