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Byredo perfume

Swedish perfume house Byredo is a dynamic luxury brand whose products are not only unique and fragrant but also beautiful to look at. What makes the Byredo brand special is the simplicity. All Byredo fragrances are unisex and use relatively few ingredients. Explore the Byredo line at and discover Byredo’s best fragrances including the iconic Gypsy Water and Black Saffron. In addition to niche perfumes, the Byredo range includes also body creams, shower gels, luxury scented candles and more!

About the Byredo

Byredo’s Swedish founder Ben Gorham started the brand after graduating from the Stockholm Art School with a degree in fine arts. He combined his minimalist Scandi aesthetic with influences from his mother’s Indian heritage. The brand name comes from the old English word ‘redolence’, which means sweet-smelling and aromatic.

Byredo’s collection includes niche perfumes, body products, scented candles, leather goods and home fragrances which are focused around simple compositions of high-quality materials. All Byredo products are developed with the brand’s approach “where creation is led by emotions, expressing a full and limitless brand universe.”

Byredo Perfume

Cult Swedish fragrance brand Byredo experiences a great success thanks to its alternative take on fragrance. All Byredo fragrances are packaged in a very simple, cylinder-shaped glass bottle with a white label and black dome-shaped cap. These unisex scents are very chic and bold. Whether you are a lover of woody notes or the fresh laundry scents, Byredo has something for everyone.

Byredo Gypsy Water Unisex

Byredo’s first launch, Gypsy Water, has an ethos of independence for everyday wear. This perfume is flying off our online shelves! 

Its scent embodies the ode to the beauty of Romani culture and the distinguished way of living. The fragrance is aromatic, woody and very intoxicating, its scent marries notes of berries, incense, vanilla and sandalwood. Byredo’s Gypsy Water perfume definitely turns heads.

Byredo Mojave Ghost Unisex

If you are a fan of woody and oriental notes, Byredo Mojave Ghost unisex perfume will steal your heart. This powerful fragrance utilises the exotic scent of the ghost flower from the Mojave Desert, a rare plant that grows in the wilderness of the desert with an intense aroma. The top notes include ambrette and sapodilla followed by notes of violet, sandalwood and magnolia. The scent ends with ambergris and cedar. 

Byredo Black Saffron Unisex

Byredo Black Saffron is a long-lasting scent with a delicate and bright aroma that seduces everyone the moment the cap comes off. Its aroma consists of juniper, berries, pomelo and saffron followed by notes of leather, black violet and crystal rose. The scent ends with raspberries, blond woods and warm vetiver aroma. This fragrance was inspired by Indian culture and with just one spritz it brings warm and cosy feelings of a summer day. 

Explore the whole collection of Byredo perfumes at and find the scent that expresses your personality and transfers you to your happy place every time you apply the fragrance.

How to choose a Byredo fragrance?

Since Byredo scent will remain long after you’ve left the room, these fragrances have a great impact.  Choose your signature fragrance according to the impression you want to make:

  • Floral – Floral aroma tends to be a light scent that can be both romantic and bold. If you adore fresh laundry scents, Byredo Blanche is a clean floral fragrance inspired by the absolution of the colour white
  • Leather – Suited naturally to masculinity, leather conjures an engaging smell that is instantly recognisable. It says dependable and exciting and is suited to the more masculine mindset.
  • Woody – Byredo is a master at conjuring engaging woody fragrances among their niche perfume range. The woody aroma is welcoming and cosy and is often sought after in the colder months.
  • Fruity – Often, this smell is combined with others to bring light and exciting nature to the fragrance. Fruity top notes are usually combined with woodier base and heart notes in Byredo fragrances. If you are a fan of dark exotic scents, try Byredo Rose Noir with freesia and Damask rose surrounded by the sweetness of raspberry, Lily of the valley and grapefruit, grounded by musk and patchouli.
  • Spicy – Spice is for many an instantly recognisable smell. It is pungent and used to express every possible mood you can think of, often working with heavier ingredients to convey the perfect message. If this sounds tempting, try Byredo Rose of No Man´s Land with Turkish rose, pink pepper and amber.
  • Chypre – This is an intriguing aroma and is used to give body to a perfume. Perfumes that incorporate chypre has a different top, heart, and base notes as they use different ingredients throughout.

Byredo Candle

Byredo brand knows how to set the mood and give the home the lux appeal with its scented candles which also make great gifts to your loved ones.

Byredo Bibliotheque

Byredo Bibliotheque scented candle brings the cosy and charming atmosphere of the library to your home. This candle evokes the amorous aromas of old books and sophistication. Its composition consists of peach, plum and vanilla scents combined with patchouli, leather and violet.

Byredo is well-known for its high-quality products, fine craftsmanship and strong aesthetics with a modern feel. These products make thoughtful gifts to your loved ones and indeed a lovely treat to yourself. Enhance your everyday life and spoil yourself with a special fragrance!