Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Summer (2012), Eau de Toilette for Men 100 ml |

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Summer (2012)

Eau de Toilette for Men 100 ml

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Summer (2012) Eau de Toilette for Men 100 ml
Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Summer (2012) Eau de Toilette for Men 100 ml
Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Summer (2012) Eau de Toilette for Men 100 ml
100 ml

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Fragrance description Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Summer (2012)

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Summer (2012) is a fresh new fragrance for men, launched in 2012. It is a woody fragrance with fine accents of herbs and natural ingredients, suitable for warm sunny days in summer. Eternity for Men Summer (2012) is supposed to remind you of the perfect harmony that fills the moment when the sun is slowly turning behind the horizon and splashing waves are gently washing over hot sand.

The popular brand Calvin Klein put its refreshing summer drink in an impressive glass bottle with a massive metal stopper. There is a battle going on between cool shade and warm light behind the transparent glass. Both the bottle and the box with the moment of sunset depicted on it fully correspond with the fragrance itself. A perfect unity of opposites, peace, quiet and lovely moments of harmony.

The initial pleasantly melancholic mood is captured by camomile that is paired with refreshing melon and juniper. The extraordinary heart is slightly aromatic and able to switch on your imagination. Dry cedar leaves, rather sweet mimosa, violet petals and hyacinth can be found here. Masculine amber, guaiac wood, musk and patchouli perfectly complete the general atmosphere of tranquility, harmony and relaxation of body and mind. You will be able to get intoxicated with the beneficial tones of nature for an unbelievably long time.

Calvin Klein became famous for his unisex fashion style at the end of the last century. Then, the first universal perfume CK One was created and its popularity lasts until today. Ever since, a new fragrance hits the market every year to become an absolute hit. Calvin Klein perfumes have no need to prove anything to themselves. Their offer you mainly simplicity that goes hand in hand with elegance, youthful style and original notes. Men and women all around the world love Calvin Klein scents that represent pleasant luxury at favourable prices.

The interesting new fragrance from 2012, Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Summer (2012) is no exception. It is for self-confident men who do not expect just an excellent scent from a perfume. They want much more. They want the perfume to live a life of its own on them. Hardly any perfume can do that. The natural composition by Calvin Klein is on of them. It will provide you with unbelievably touching sensations of harmony and beauty and it will tell you a sad story of the shining sun turning behind the horizon every evening, making the whole land sad the very same moment.




Base notes
Amber, Guaiac Wood, Musk, Patchouli
Middle notes
Cedar, Hyacinth, Mimosa
Top notes
Chamomile, Juniper, Melon
Fragrance category

About the brand Calvin Klein

The brand was founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein and his business partner Barry Schwartz. In 1980s Calvin Klein took the humble jean and turned it into a designer object of desire when the brand name was embroidered on the back-pocket of the jeans.

Simple, clean lines and muted designs became synonymous for the Calvin Klein brand. Also Calvin Klein perfumes became iconic not only for their fragrance compositions but also for the perfect clean designs. In the early 1970s Klein introduced the first fragrances and they still capture the spirit of the decade they were created in.

In the early 1990s Calvin Klein introduced revolutionary fragrances Obsession and Eternity, which have became legendary scents and have solidified the position of Calvin Klein as a leading global brand. The Calvin Klein fragrances are created in collaboration with leading perfumers from around the world and under the auspices of Coty, the world´s leading cosmetic company.