CapillanHair Care Hair Activator Hair Growth

Capillan Hair Care Hair Activator Hair Growth
Capillan Hair Care Hair Activator Hair Growth
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Description Capillan Hair Care

Who wouldn’t want to have thick, strong hair, a true crowning glory? However, sometimes your hair can be weakened and even have a tendency to fall out. In that case, it’s time for Capillan Hair Care hair-growth activator which expertly enhances the natural function of your scalp and restores your hair to its former thickness.

A combination of vitamins A and E significantly promotes scalp regeneration, restores its natural suppleness and protects it from negative external factors to ensure the perfect conditions for a healthy hair growth.


  • promotes healthy hair growth
  • helps regenerate the scalp
  • promotes natural skin elasticity
  • protects from the negative factors
  • prevents premature skin ageing


  • vitamins A and E – promote the natural functions of your scalp

How to apply:
Apply to clean scalp and massage in gently to enhance the absorption of active ingredients. The product can be used on dry or wet hair. If you want to quickly activate new hair growth, use the product every day.


Hair type
all hair types
Density and vitality, growth stimulation
Scalp skin type
all scalp types
Hair problem
thinning hair and hair loss

About the brand Capillan

Capillan is a premium cosmetics brand for hair care products of all kinds. It is part of the Czech company Irel, which specialises in growing and processing milk thistle. Capillan prides itself on the fact that its products have no undesirable side effects, such as drying the scalp or breaking or splitting hair. Each product undergoes rigorous testing before it is put on sale.
Shampoos, balms, styling gels, and other Capillan products contain proven natural ingredients – extract of witch hazel, chamomile, nettle, burdock, and many others. They are easy to apply and fast-acting.
Capillan cosmetics are gentle and safe. They have extremely strong restorative, nourishing, and protective capabilities and smell great. And regular use will not break the bank. This means they have gained great popularity among consumers.  
Capillan products are sure to appeal to anyone wanting rich, shiny, and healthy hair, who is playful, and who enjoys creating original hairstyles, or suffers from alopecia, dandruff, and other hair problems.

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