Men have a firm place in the world of fragrances. Perfumes may be discussed more in terms of women and women’s perfumes are more common, but Carrera is proof that the perfume industry is also serious about men. Carrera men’s fragrances were, and still are, created for unpretentious men who seek powerful experiences, abound in confidence, and crave tasteful originality.  

The stylised name, symbolic of the Carrera collection, is a guarantee of quality, dynamism, and originality. It underscores what is most typical of men, their masculinity. The fresh, seductive, and charismatic tones of the Carrera fragrances have a dual effect. Men feel very natural with them and they are perceived very positively. Carrera scents do not need to show off idiosyncrasies; their magic is hidden deep down, in the quality ingredients, interesting combinations, and perfect harmony.

When searching for the history of the Carrera brand, we have to go back deep into the past. Its founder Wilhelm Muelhens created his famous Eau De Cologne Original 4711 back in 1792, and was subsequently responsible for the inception of the prestigious Carrera compositions. Still today, the brand draws inspiration from the time of its creation and its founder’s unquestionable mastery. 

Nowadays, a certain kind of innovation is added to this incredible history, together with the ability to respond to the needs of men today, and the result is charismatic and unique fragrances. The best known include Carrera pour Homme and Carrera Master, which are two absolute classics.

This brand is always going to be the choice of men who do not need to drown themselves in an oversaturated, pompous fragrance which easily hides their inner charm. On the contrary, Carrera encourages men’s self-esteem in a sophisticated way, as if from a distance, gently tugging on the surface of their personality.

The typical bottle design also contributes to the popularity of Carrera, along with the reasonable price and true brand reputation. This classic in modern form is made for everyone who adheres to a discreet yet more impressive sex appeal, and whose fragrance expresses a certain attitude to life. Carrera is a clear message that being a man is not at all bad!

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