Cettua Special Care

Oil Control Tissues

Cettua Special Care Oil Control Tissues
Cettua Special Care Oil Control Tissues
50 pc

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Product description Cettua Special Care

Cettua Special Care will make sure your skin is even more beautiful.


  • removes excess oil from the skin
  • a hygienic way of removing blackheads
  • cleans skin gently
  • leaves the skin soft and matte

How to use:
Place the wipe for shiny spots gently on the face. Wait for a moment, never rub it, then remove it. Especially suitable for use on the T-zone – the forehead, nose and chin area. Use according to the instructions included.



About the brand Cettua

Cettua is a special cosmetics brand which improves the appearance of the face using cleaning pore strips and cloth face masks. Since a woman’s beauty is not just in the face but also the hands and feet, Cettua also supplies hand and foot masks. Exfoliating socks restore beauty to the skin on your feet and the nourishing hand mask smooths wrinkles and adds firmness and a fresh appearance to the skin on your hands.
The products are very simple and quick to use. They are used happily by women worldwide to beautify themselves and get a healthy look. The cleaning strips and other aids help busy women to keep their faces clean without having to visit a beauty salon. Use Cettua products in the comfort of your own home!