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Chanel Allure Homme aftershave balm for men
Chanel Allure Homme aftershave balm for men

ChanelAllure Homme aftershave balm for men

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Wednesday 28/02/2024
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Wednesday 28/02/2024
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Last step of your shaving routine. Indulge in the irresistible charm of the ALLURE HOMME fragrance with Chanel Allure Homme lightweight and oil-free after-shave moisturizer. Immerse your senses in a captivating blend of fresh and spicy notes that reveal the true essence of masculinity. This fragrance strikes the perfect balance between strength and finesse with its vigorous bergamot top notes and intense vetiver undertones. The warm and alluring scents of Venezuelan tonka bean and cistus labdanum create a sensual trail that lingers on the skin, while the distinct aroma of black pepper from Madagascar adds depth and intrigue.


  • provides the final step in your shaving routine
  • lightweight and oil-free formula moisturizes the skin
  • leaves behind a crisp and clean scent
  • suitable for all skin types

How to apply:
Apply the Chanel Allure Homme after-shave moisturizer onto the dry and cleanly shaven skin.

Notino tip:
Perfect your shaving routine with Chanel Allure Homme line.