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Chicco Physio Soft Pink dummy
Chicco Physio Soft Pink dummy
Age6–12 months

Soothe your baby with a dummy that promotes the natural position of the tongue in their mouth. Chicco Physio Soft Pink dummy adjusts to the shape of their palate, evenly distributes tongue pressure and promotes the correct development of teeth and gums. 

The dummy is made of one piece of silicone which is exceptionally soft and allows your child to easily close their mouth, so they can use it even when they’re asleep. Help your baby enjoy a sense of safety and calm. 


  • promotes correct development of teeth and gums
  • adapts to the shape of your baby’s palate
  • promotes correct tongue position for natural breastfeeding
  • extremely gentle and soft


  • transparent and hygienic silicone

How to use:
Always choose the right size of Physio Soft Pink dummy according to your child’s current age. 

ChiccoPhysio Soft Pink dummy

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