Clochee Simply Organic Cosmetic Set III.

  • Clochee Simply Organic Cosmetic Set III.

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    • Clochee Simply Organic Cosmetic Set III. Cosmetic Set III. 

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      Beauty Code: CCE1666

      This set contains: Lightening-Energizing Eye Cream 15 ml + Intensive Moisturising Serum 30 ml

      Please note the packaging may be different from the one in the picture.

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    Description of the product Clochee Simply Organic



    Cosmetic quality



    Complexion type

    all skin types including sensitive, normal to dry

    According to skin problem

    brightening and vitality, firming and lifting, hydration, swelling and dark circles, wrinkles and lines

    Type of set

    Cosmetic Set


    for all ages, wrinkles

    Description for Clochee Simply Organic is being prepared.

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