Collistar Special Perfect Body Anti-Age Talasso-Scrub Regenerating Exfoliating Salts Anti Aging Skin

Collistar Special Perfect Body Anti-Age Talasso-Scrub Regenerating Exfoliating Salts Anti Aging Skin
Collistar Special Perfect Body Anti-Age Talasso-Scrub Regenerating Exfoliating Salts Anti Aging Skin
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Product description Collistar Special Perfect Body Anti-Age Talasso-Scrub

Get unbelievably smooth, supple and radiant skin with the Collistar Special Perfect Body Anti-Age Talasso-Scrub regenerating exfoliating salt – a product which contains essential oils from orange blossom and Sicilian citrus fruits that give it a breathtaking scent. The scrub combines the benefits of aromatherapy as well as thalassotherapy, a treatment that incorporates the use of sea products.

The Collistar anti-ageing peeling salt contains a combination of sea salts that ensure a thorough exfoliating effect and accelerate the regeneration of skin cells. The unique L22® complex then regenerates the skin while providing anti-ageing benefits. Citrus fruits rich in AHA acids, flavonoids and vitamin C combat free radicals and prevent the formation of dark spots.

Enjoy having soft and revitalised skin that will get its former youthful glow back.


  • leaves the skin velvety smooth
  • gives the skin a natural, youthful glow
  • helps accelerate skin cell renewal
  • gives the skin necessary hydration
  • strengthens the natural hydrolipid film of the skin
  • protects your skin against premature ageing
  • improves the absorption of other products applied after
  • prepares the skin for the application of self-tanning products


  • blend of sea salts – has exfoliating and restorative effects,
    accelerates the renewal of skin cells
  • essential oils from Sicilian citrus fruit – prevent formation of dark spots
    and premature skin ageing, generally revitalise the skin
  • L22® complex – restores natural hydrolipidic film of the skin to
    keep it visibly youthful
  • essential oils from orange blossom

How to apply:
Massage the scrub thoroughly into wet skin, focusing primarily on areas of the body where the skin is rough, then rinse off thoroughly. For a more intense effect, we recommend using the scrub on dry skin. Use once or twice a week.


Skin type
all skin types

About the brand Collistar

Collistar fragrance | Collistar beauty - Collistar originated as a branch of an Italian pharmaceutical company. However, in 1983 Daniela Sacerdote became the head of the company and steered the brand in a different direction. Today, you can buy Collistar products in more than 2500 boutiques and department stores in Italy, and additionally about 3000 other places all over the world.

The brand’s philosophy is quite simple - to offer uncompromising quality for a price that is not excessive. Collistar prides itself on being able to cater even to the pickiest of customers from all age groups and of all skin types.

Thanks to this approach, Collistar has been a success since its start, developing some of the most groundbreaking products on the Italian market. One of htem, the Nourishing Supermoisturizing Compact Cream, was even part of the exhibition in Milan’s National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci.

The brand is also well-known for its anti-cellulite treatments, anti-aging treatments, men’s skin care, sunscreens and other products.

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