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Hair combs and brushes
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Hair Combs and Brushes

A quality comb or hair brush perfectly detangles your hair, leaving it silky and without any damage. But how do you find the best one? There’s no such thing as one perfect brush or comb – you need to choose based on your hair type or the intended purpose. While a comb is better suited for styling, a brush will help you detangle, shape or smooth down your hair.

Hair Comb – a Perfect Tool for Hair Styling

A hair comb will really come in handy during styling as well as blow-drying.

Need the right comb for your curly hair? Pick one with wide teeth that are perfect for detangling and fluffing up. The bigger your waves are, the wider the spaces between the teeth should be. Combs with the widest teeth are perfect for evenly distributing hair masks down the entire length of your hair.

Fine, straight and long hair needs a fine-tooth comb. These are also fantastic for back-combing and adding more volume.

Detangling Brush

As you well know, hair brushes come in many different shapes, sizes and materials, and they’re designed for a variety of uses. For instance a straightening hair brush or a blow-drying brush can save you many a precious minute in front of the mirror.

The best, top-quality hair brushes have natural bristles. One of their main benefits is the fact that they do not damage your hair – instead they gently detangle and take care of it. This category includes mainly boar-bristle hair brushes and wooden hair brushes.

Hair Brushes and Combs According to Material, Shape and Purpose

  • Wooden hair brushes: Gently detangle, prevent static electricity and fly-away hairs, plus they’re made of natural materials.
  • Boar-bristle brushes: They protect your hair from humidity and prevent frizz, provide shine and softness, and promote blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Round hair brushes: Perfect for creating soft as well as long waves. The shorter your hair is, the smaller the diameter of your round brush should be.
  • Flat hair brushes: Smaller flat brushes can be used to detangle the hair during the day as needed, while a large paddle brush will be great for a proper detangling.
  • Straightening hair brushes (or electric hair brush): Hair brush and hair straightener in one for an effective hair care and hair styling. This category includes ionic hair brushes that prevent static electricity and keep hair from drying out.
  • Wet hair brush: A wide plastic brush will be perfect for detangling wet hair.

We carry the best hair brushes and top-quality combs that fit perfectly in your hand. From back-combing and smoothing brushes to a hair-dryer brush or hair straightener brush, brushes for wavy or straight hair, ceramic, wooden brushes and the ever-popular Tangle Teezer brush! Which one will you choose?