Creed Vanisia Eau de Parfum for Women

  • Creed Vanisia Eau de Parfum for Women
  • Creed Vanisia Eau de Parfum for Women 1
  • Creed Vanisia Eau de Parfum for Women 2
  • Creed Vanisia Eau de Parfum for Women 3

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    Description of the perfume Creed Vanisia


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    Middle notes

    Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine

    Base notes

    Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber

    Vanisia is an Oriental fragrance for women made by the unique, dynastic and privately owned niche perfume brand Creed. As well as an exceptional tradition passed down from father to son since 1760 and a celebrated history (more than 250 years of creating exceptional fragrances for royal families and other exacting customers with refined tastes), the Creed brand can also boast the use of classic techniques when processing the rare materials selected for the production of its unrivalled perfumes.

    Creed Vanisia is the work of Olivier Creed, a leading perfumer from the sixth generation of the Creed dynasty. He created it for the Spanish Queen, the great-granddaughter of the legendary Marie Antoinette. After ascending to the throne, the Spanish Queen wished to express a refined style modelled on her French relatives. She therefore ordered a rich, sensuous and attractive garden fragrance with undertones of Spanish wood and rich vanilla from the Creed perfume house.

    The aromatic composition of Creed Vanisia opens in the head with a note of bergamot. The heart smells of jasmine and Bulgarian roses and the base consists of notes of sandalwood, vanilla, ambergris and amber. The overall aroma of Vanisia stunningly combines ambergris and powdery and sensuous aspects with balsamic attributes. The highly sensuous, absolutely unforgettable, rich and mysterious Vanisia Eau de Parfum is a masterful fragrance worthy of a queen.

    Creed Vanisia is suitable for day and evening wear all year round. It will appeal to women who like rich Oriental fragrances with a distinctively sensuous side. It envelops its wearer in an exceptional mystic aura and emphasises her seductiveness and confidence. It should also be tried by every lady who appreciates true quality based on many years of tradition.

    The perfumes from the Creed brand are attractive not only thanks to their enchanting fragrances, but also their exceptional and elegantly beautiful packaging. The enchanting light Vanisia flacon comes in an elegant white box with golden decorative accents. Try this Eau de Parfum from an exceptional dynastic brand with a celebrated history and you will fall in love with the rich, seductively mysterious fragrance, which will make you feel like a queen.

    Creed Vanisia - a rich, sensuous and mystical fragrance, created as proof of the noble style of the Spanish Queen.

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