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A warm fragrance to delight your senses and create a cosy atmosphere as soon as you unlock the door. A fresh aroma for your car to make you feel amazing on your travels. Fresh laundry with a fragrance of your choice, which lasts for ages. All of these are possible with the Italian brand Culti Milano.

The story of Culti started in the wild imagination of Alessandro Agrati, an Italian man who dreamed of creating a specific fragrance for every space. A fragrance that would fill the room from floor to ceiling. He dreamed of a cosy atmosphere resulting from a combination of beautiful home decor and fragrance. In 1990, this initial idea materialised in the form of Culti Decor – the first Culti diffuser with top-quality ingredients which are normally used for luxury fragrance.

The wide portfolio of this Italian brand includes Culti reed diffusers which use natural stems dipped in fragrance oils to disperse the aroma through the air in the room. Among their most popular products are also the luxurious Culti candles made from quality wax which give your home a warm fragrance. Fans of cosy atmosphere will love Culti room sprays with their warm, woody notes.

Try Culti products for yourself and find out why they’re considered some of the best luxury home fragrances on the market.