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Decléor Aroma Cleanse Youth Lotion For Mature Skin

  • Decléor Aroma Cleanse Youth Lotion For Mature Skin

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    Description of the product Decléor Aroma Cleanse



    Cosmetic quality




    Mature Complexion


    All Skin Types




    Decléor Aroma Cleanse lotion with an anti-aging effect helps remove the remaining dirt and decorative cosmetics. It slightly tones up the complexion and prevents dehydration. Natural extracts and oils generally hydrate and soften the complexion.

    Decléor Aroma Cleanse lotion fills in tiny lines, smoothes wrinkkles, and stretches the contours of the face. It makes the complexion look brighter, stronger, and more youthful.


    • perfectly clean complexion
    • removes dirt and make-up
    • toned complexion
    • smoothes wrinkles and stretches contours


    • essential oils from magnolia - cleans, soothes, and protects
    • antioxidants - stimulate activities of cells
    • extract from rose - regenerates
    • hyaluronic acid - stretches contours, smoothes wrinkles, fills in small lines

    Type of complexion:

    Suitable for all types of mature complexion, especially suitable for a dry complexion.


    Apply using a cotton tampon and clean your face, neck, and neckline in circular motions until the tampon is clean.

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