Demeter Gin & Tonic, Eau de Cologne unisex 30 ml |

Demeter Gin & Tonic

Eau de Cologne unisex 30 ml

Demeter Gin & Tonic Eau de Cologne unisex 30 ml
Demeter Gin & Tonic Eau de Cologne unisex 30 ml
Demeter Gin & Tonic Eau de Cologne unisex 30 ml
30 ml

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Fragrance description Demeter Gin & Tonic

Demeter Gin & Tonic unisex Eau de Cologne is the perfect fragrance for all independent men and women who live according to their own rules.

  • an aromatic scent
  • citrus fragrance
  • for the individualistic woman
  • for the individualistic man
  • for both everyday wear and special occasions


Gin, Juniper, Lime, Water Notes
Fragrance category
aromatic, citrus

About the brand Demeter

Demeter – the most personal of scents. According to Greek mythology, Demeter was the daughter of the Titan Kronos and the goddess of the harvest and agriculture. Today, the name Demeter is proud to be a fiercely protected trademark, indicating products of certified biodynamic farming, and also a brand of perfume, unique among other things for using almost exclusively natural ingredients.
The Demeter brand includes more than 250 different fragrances, inspired by everyday experiences and things. There is always a simple, familiar, and friendly smell, like baby powder or vanilla cake batter, adapted to be recognisable and wearable at the same time. Thanks to this unique and sensitive approach, the brand also offers perfumes based on truly original inspiration. Have you ever tried a perfume scent reminiscent of earth, leather, or gin and tonic?
Demeter is the only prestigious perfume brand completely focused on the client. You can easily become the creator of your totally unique, distinctive perfume, because Demeter fragrances are simple and always based on one note, so they can be mixed and layered.
The Demeter brand also strives to keep its products as much in harmony with nature as possible. Some 95% of the ingredients come from natural or renewable sources and Demeter fragrances contain no artificial colours, emulsifiers, or phthalates.