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      • Dior Cleansers & Toners Instant Eye Makeup Remover

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        Description of the product Dior Cleansers & Toners



        Cosmetic quality



        According to skin problems

        sensitive and allergic skin






        Dior Cleansers & Toners eye make-up remover for a sensitive skin perfectly removes all the dirt, make-up, and waterproof make-up from the skin. It consists of two efficient water and oil elements to softly and thoroughly clean and treat your skin. Thanks to its fine composition it is suitable also for sensitive eyes and users of contact lenses.

        The area around the eyes is a very sensitive part of your face which needs a special treatment. This make-up remover provides perfect cleanliness, long-lasting hydration, and nourishment for your skin.

        This two-phase Cleansers & Toners remover contains soothing elements to refresh and soothe your skin and to make it look relaxed. At the same time, it efficiently participates in removing excessive and uneven pigmentation and in the process of unification of the skin. The product is easy to apply and leaves no greasy sensation. Get a fine make-up remover to perfectly cleanse, hydrate, soothe, and refresh your skin!


        • removes all the dirt from the skin
        • easily removes also waterproof make-up
        • hydrates and treats the skin
        • soothes and nourishes the skin
        • removes pigmentation and unifies the skin
        • leaves no sensation of greasiness
        • refreshes the skin pleasantly


        • crystalline oils – soften and hydrate the skin, leave no sensation of a greasy skin
        • extract from cornflower – soothes and refreshes the skin, removes pigmentation

        Type of skin:

        All types of skin, including a sensitive skin. The product is suitable also for users of contact lenses.


        Shake well prior to use. Moisten a cotton ball with the product and apply on the skin around your eyes.

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