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Dior Cleansers & Toners Gentle Toning Lotion For Dry Skin

  • Dior Cleansers & Toners Gentle Toning Lotion For Dry Skin

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    • Dior Cleansers & Toners Gentle Toning Lotion For Dry Skin 200 mlGentle Toning Lotion For Dry Skin 

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    Description of the product Dior Cleansers & Toners



    Cosmetic quality



    According to skin problems

    sensitive and allergic skin


    Dry, sensitive




    Dior Cleansers & Toners toning lotion for a dry skin softly cleanses and removes remnants of make-up. It makes your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. It refreshes your skin and provides it with an irreplaceable sensation of perfect cleanliness.

    It treats the skin very gently and contains no alcohol or any other irritating substances. Apply softly, ideally using a cosmetic tampon, to avoid chafing leading to irritation. Apply to light up and pleasantly refresh your skin.

    Cleansers & Toners toning lotion is suitable for everyday rituals of dry skin treatment, deeply hydrates your skin and thus makes it naturally flexible to prevent emergence of wrinkles and the process of immature ageing in general. Treat your skin with this luxury product to prepare it perfectly for further treatment!


    • softly cleanse and lights up your skin
    • removes remnants of make-up
    • softens and smoothes your skin
    • deeply hydrates
    • softly treats your skin
    • makes your skin fresh and flexible
    • prevents premature ageing
    • prepares your skin for further cosmetic treatment

    Type of skin:

    For a dry and sensitive skin.


    Apply on a cosmetic tampon and remove the dirt from your skin in soft motions from the center of your face to the sides.

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