Disney CosmeticsCars Bath Foam And Shower Gel 2 In 1

Disney Cosmetics Cars Bath Foam And Shower Gel 2 In 1
Disney Cosmetics Cars Bath Foam And Shower Gel 2 In 1
200 ml

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Description Disney Cosmetics Cars

The fresh-smelling bath & shower gel has been specially designed for the delicate and gentle skin of children. Packaging with your favorite Disney movie heroes encourages small movie fans to jump into the bathtub. Intense fruity scent and abundant foam make the bath an amazing fun.


  • clean
  • non irritated
  • healthy skin


Skin type
all skin types

About the brand Disney Cosmetics

Walt Disney is a name known to every child and adult, as he literally conquered the world with Mickey Mouse. He founded his first film studio in 1923. Today, the Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest media and entertainment companies in the world.
Beyond film making, the company uses the popularity of its animated characters to market products for children such as books, video games, clothing, and cosmetics. Disney cosmetics offer their little consumers bubble baths, shampoos, body lotions, and lip balms. The packaging is beautifully coloured and always depicts at least one Disney character.
Disney Cosmetics teaches small children to take care of their body in a very fun way, combining the tradition of the world of fairy tales with the quality of its cosmetic products. Disney Cosmetics will entertain your children too with the company’s official mascot, Mickey Mouse!

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