DKNY Men 2009 Eau de Toilette for Men

  • DKNY Men 2009 Eau de Toilette for Men

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    Description of the perfume DKNY Men 2009



    Perfume bottle

    Overall impression



    Top notes

    Juniper, Tangerine, Bergamot

    Middle notes

    Jasmine, Pepper, Cardamom

    Base notes

    Cedar, Orris, Patchouli, Vetiver

    DKNY Men 2009 eau de toilette is a men's perfume designed by DKNY, which is a young, yet significant American fashion brand. From the very beginning, its aim has been to offer to its clients luxury and elegance confronted with the atmosphere of a today's big city, and this is a successive version of original DKNY Men from 2000.

    A pleasant and soft, yet distinct and energetic fragrance. It combines very traditional elements that - all by themselves - are bound to be liked by everybody, but it puts them into a new, modern context so that they better correspond to today's requirements and today's men. It will be appreciated by everybody who is not afraid to live life to the fullest and to make use of all the available and offered means and possibilities. Its character was created to underline basic values and features impressive in any situation. Thanks to its natural impressions, it's suitable for any occasion and everyday use. It can be worn in the office as well as during a night spent with your friends.

    The aromatic chord of Men 2009 opens with fresh citrus tones of bergamot and sweet mandarin, underlined by the fresh and spicy aroma of juniper. This is smoothly followed by the aroma of cardamom, spiced up by pepper. In order to keep its clarity, it's brightened up by a tinge of jasmine. It ends with the oriental atmosphere of cedar wood, herbal vetiver, and orris with transcendent patchouli.

    Its flacon underlines its current spirit and purity, as it's made of crystal glass with a silver metal cap. Its design is inspired by the modern architecture of central New York City.

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    DKNY Men 2009 reviews & ratings

    • 07 January 2016

      DKNY - Men is great, love the scent of it, I have had plenty of comments well worth the money

    • 21 December 2015
      Stephen Paul Cresswell

      DKNY-MEN 2009 the fragrance is sophisticated manly empowering Sharpe...great smell :-)

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