Dr. Hauschka Hand And Foot Care Hand Cream

Dr. Hauschka Hand And Foot Care Hand Cream
Dr. Hauschka Hand And Foot Care Hand Cream
10 ml

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Product description Dr. Hauschka Hand And Foot Care

Dr. Hauschka hand cream protects strained skin on hands and helps keep its stable level of pH. It is very easy to spread and it absorbs excellently to immediately provide necessary hydration and firmness for the skin. It is also very useful for healing unpleasant, itchy eczema.

This treating cream by Dr. Hauschka contains a combination of natural efficient substances to provide regulation of the level of moisture in the skin on hands and thorough regeneration of chapped skin. Besides, it efficiently protects hands from unfavorable external influences and warms them up. Get an everyday, intensive care for your hand, and they will reward you with a velvet soft skin!


  • regenerates damaged skin on hands
  • intensively hydrates
  • regulates the the level of moisture in hands and stabilizes pH in the skin
  • healing and warming effects


  • almond oil – regenerates your skin
  • extract from kidney vetch – antiseptic effects
  • extract from blackthorn – strengthens and warms the skin up
  • peanut oil – intensive hydration
  • extract from marsh mallow – anti-inflammatory effects

Type of skin:
Suitable for all types of skin on hands.

Apply a small amount of the cream on hands several times during the day and spread it thoroughly.


Skin type
all skin types

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