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Dr. Mayer RWN60 water flosser replacement heads
Dr. Mayer RWN60 water flosser replacement heads
Number of units per pack2 pcs

The Dr. Mayer RWN60 replacement toothbrush heads help you to get the best results from your oral hygiene. Changing the heads regularly guarantees you are always cleaning your teeth as effectively as with a new brush.


  • removes plaque
  • comfortable and easy handling
  • cleans teeth very gently
  • helps prevent gum disease effectively
  • cleans teeth even in hard-to-reach places

How to use:
Rinse the brush head thoroughly under running water after every use. Replace the brush head regularly, ideally every 3 months.

Dr. MayerRWN60 water flosser replacement heads

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Compatible with WT6000 2 pc

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Friday 21/06/2024
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Friday 21/06/2024