Dunhill Desire Desire Red Body Spray for Men

Dunhill Desire Desire Red Body Spray for Men
Dunhill Desire Desire Red Body Spray for Men
195 ml

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Description Dunhill Desire Desire Red

Heading for a date, a party, or just meeting some friends? Dunhill Desire Desire Red body spray for men is the right choice in any situation. It will boost your confidence anytime you want to shine.

  • sweet fragrance
  • citrus fragrance
  • will delight any modern gentleman
  • warm fragrance, ideal for cold weather


Fragrance category
oriental, woody

About the brand Dunhill

Dunhill are not just cigarettes for the rich with a quaint box shaped to fit the pocket of a tuxedo – but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Alfred Dunhill founded the Dunhill brand in London in 1893 shortly after reaching adulthood. It was basically a man thing for him from the start.
In the early years of Dunhill they produced leather accessories for car makers and men’s needs, as well as horse reins. It was only much later that Dunhill began looking to manufacture other accessories such as watches, smoking accessories, writing accessories, or fragrances.
The common denominator for all Dunhill fragrances is masculinity, the respectability of the upper classes, and being long-lasting. Dunhill Desire for Men is in great demand with its base notes in precious wood. Jude Law is one actor to promote the brand.

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